Saturday, November 20, 2010

Technologically inept

I need to vent.

About my printer.  And other technological things.

My printer must have it out for me.

It won’t print postcards, it sometimes only prints portions of pages, but usually?  It won’t print anything. at. all.

I yell, scream, offer cookies, feed it ink and paper & still – it gives me the 3rd degree every single day.  Ridiculous I say.  Especially because it works just fine for Mike.  Stupid thing.

I have been trying to post a video from my phone (because, hey, my Droid is awesome) all day. Like 4 or 5 attempts.  No dice. WHY?!! It is a hilarious video, but again, technology hates me.

I will have to do it the old fashioned way and just upload it to my computer. Some day.

The last technology vent is totally all my fault.  I am doing a 365 photo project. See.  I have been doing super super awesome at taking a picture every single day (not really awesome at keeping the site updated, but it’s not too far behind).  Except, I think I either forgot to download 2 days worth of pictures onto my computer before erasing my card (which I have NEVER EVER EVER done before, but it was during the really bad week, so anything is possible I guess) or I downloaded them into a super secret place on my hard drive by mistake.  I can’t find these pictures any.where.  I recovered one from my sister’s phone.  The other? MIA.

I also want to give my blog a makeover and figure out a better page layout, but these things take me far too long to do, so I put them off for a year or so…..



Danifred said...

I frequently find myself fighting with technology. Luckily, that's what my husband is for :)

JJ said...

I can try and help if you need anything--Im no expert, but I can be quite techy :)