Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snot Snot Everywhere

I have a sick toddler.

A stuffy, sickly little girl – who, thankfully, is actually in a pretty good mood despite clearly feeling junky.

Friday night was less than productive in the sleep department and at one point when I went in to check on the bug, her hair was covered in snot (very attractive look) and I could hear the junk building up in her little head.

Yesterday she seemed better in the morning, so we went forward with our christmas tree plans.  It was all down hill from there. She had the sick eyes, the faucet nose and she was just the entire time. (but she did see Santa – so WIN!).

She woke up from her nap super early with a pretty significant fever.  And then was wired from the meds….. and didn’t nap.

I did get lots of snuggles.  And I do get to wear the hot new accessory, baby snot.  WOOT.

Last night was equally unproductive as far as sleep.

Her poor nose is bloody from running/blowing and she is so stuffy her eyes are watering.  But, she is a pretty happy camper, so that helps.  And her stuffy voice is kind of adorable.

We have tried putting vicks on her feet, saline/chinese torture bugger sucker, humidifier all that fun stuff.

What else can I do for her?



JJ said...

Poor G! And poor Mommy--I hate it when Oman is sick--really makes me kick into mom-mode when he feels icky--I want to make him feel better. Hope shes on the mend really soon!

Danifred said...

We are living parallel lives. We use the chinese torture method of saline as well over here. Hope she feels better soon!

Mel said...

Sinus issues are the worst. We get them over here twice a year, when the seasons change. BOTH L and I suffer through it. Last go round, it took her 2 weeks to recover. I really just deal with the symptoms. I give her 1 tsp of children's bendaryl at night to help her sleep and help with the runny nose (my PEDI is fine with it, you might want to double check with hers) and ibuprofen for pain during the day. We also spend a lot of time in a small bathroom with a steaming hot shower going. We sit on the toilet and talk and the steam def helps clean her out some.

I hope she feels bettter soon!