Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am all about referring to people by their proper names.  I always try to use full names (like Michael, not Mike) until told otherwise.  And, even though it’s annoying sometimes, I use Mr./Mrs./Dr. whatever if I don’t know you at all.

My name is Andrea, not Andi. (and for God sake do.not call me Mrs D, I am not my fingernailsasfarastheeyescansee mother in law).  Gianna is GIANNA not GiGi or Gia or whatever other freaking way you want to say her name.  You MAYBE can call her G, only because I do, and only if I REALLY like you. Or bug, again I have to REALLY SUPER like you (or you have to be one of my sisters).  Otherwise just call her by the name we gave her or I’ll just refer to you as jackass for the rest of the conversation.

My mom and (step)dad are referred to by Gianna as Gama and Papa.  Inlaws are Grandma and Grandpa D.  For some reason this especially pisses me off because LOOK - she only has ONE Papa and ONE Gama.  I don’t want her getting confused about who we are referring too when we talk to her.  Sheeesh.

My sisters are all aunt *first name*, even though G totally skips the “aunt” part and calls them by their first names.

We started referring to all of our friends as Mister and Miss *insert first name here*.  So she knows Miss Kim, Miss Sarah (or Zach’s mama…) etc.  For some reason it seemed like a great plan when she was leetle.  I mean, it IS still a great plan, but sometimes people think we are weird! (right, I know that has little to do with what we have our child call our friends!)

What do you do? Do all grandparents have their respective names? (mine did growing up too, this isn’t a total Andrea-created thing!)  Do you have your kids or have kids refer to you as Mr/Miss?  How do you refer to others?



Danifred said...

Blogger just ate my comment and I'm pissed.

So, anyway... we use Mr./Mrs. first name with our kids too. They say aunt, uncle, grandma, etc.

And nicknames suck (even though I go by one, but if you added a Y to my nickname, I'd totally flip out)

Kakunaa said...

Oh, goodness, I could write you a novel about this. Yes, the grandparents all have diff names. I have nicknames, but you have to earn them. I think they have their place as terms of endearment. That's the short version, LOL.

Mel said...

Both of our parents are divorced and 3 are now remarried. Yea, we have FOUR SETS of grandparents to address. My less-than-beloved-by-me MIL (who also has the dumb nails) INSISTS on being called Nana. She refers to herself as such ALL THE TIME. Neither myself or husband have ever referred to her as Nana, however. I even address thank you's to her as Grandma. She can kiss it. I am not going to call her freaking Nana. (mostly because I already have a Nana in my life)

The rest of the fam is the usual Grandma or Grandpa except for my dad is Pawpaw because the grandchildren born before my girl have already been calling him that for years.

JJ said...

Oh goodness, I could write a BOOK on this.

The g-parents do have names, but they are ones either we have given them or they chose--NO telling if Oman will stick to those. My MIL refuses to be called anything with g-ma in it and just wants to go by "J"--one of the hardest letters for kids to learn. ugh.

And Im starting to lecture my hubby, because he never calls Oman by his name, but a nickname that HE ANSWERS TO. Confusion, much?