Who am I?

The players in this story, the majority of whom never listen to me:


That would be me. 30-something who married her high school sweetheart. I drink a lot of coffee. Run when I can (I have run 3 1/2 marathons, so that is fun). I work from home full-time, which continues to be an adjustment. I adore traveling and really want to figure out how to do that for a living! We've become a bit of a family full of Disney lovers. I try to take pictures of all the things to help remember my favorite moments.


He would be the other half of the high school sweetheart matchup.  He is a pretty fun guy who makes me laugh on the regular. He is a huge fan of lacrosse, vacations, ESPN and music. He is the biggest Disney fanatic you might ever meet and he could plan your Disney vacation if you want!


This would be our blue eyed, long haired, long-legged first born who came into our lives on April 11, 2009 after a pregnancy that took almost a year to achieve and left me swollen to epic proportions.  But she came on her "due" date.  And we have never been on time for anything since.   Gianna was a bit of a tough baby (reflux, MSPI, tears), but once she started walking (at 10 months!) and talking (at 9 months!) so she could get her damn point across - life got a little easier for her.  And a lot more insane for the rest of us. She takes her oldest child position seriously, always tries her very hardest at everything and has a serious sense of humor.


This would be our second blue eyed, long-legged little lady.  We tried for a year with two losses, 2 RE's, an IUI and clomid to grow this baby.  Gianna KNEW she was a sister from the beginning, and she was right.   Aleesia (uh-lee-see-uh) came in to our lives on February 1, 2013 after a 19 hour non-medicated, non-induced labor that I was SURE would never start 2 days after her "due" date.  The natural labor and delivery was one of the most amazing things I have experienced in my life.  Aleesia has had a bit of a rocky start (MSPI, reflux, tongue tie, lip tie, weight gain problems, kidney reflux! tears!) but she has the sweetest shy smile, bright eyes and the best laugh. She's spunky beyond spunky!


This is blue-eyed girl number three who joined us on December 20, 2014. Vivian was named by Gianna and we usually call her Vivi or Vivster. She arrived after a 15 hour non-medicated, non-induced labor that was the most physically challenging journey with the best reward at the end. She was not immune to the newborn issues and her share of tongue tie, lip tie and weight gain issues. She is like a little mama-loving koala bear and we wouldn't have her any other way. Her blue eyes catch everyone's attention and her smile slays many hearts! She mostly just wants to be big like her sisters!