Sunday, September 28, 2008


who doesn't love them?!! i mean honestly - even if they are over the internet kind of presents - still awesome!

so Erin left me a little gift over at her blog* -- so fun! you must read her stuff she's hilarious and making great strides to accomplish her goals.

so - 7 weird/strange things about me (be prepared!)
1) if there is a blanket around, i must cuddle with it. i will open the window to prevent overheating if i have to - but i must have the blanket wrapped around me!
2) laundry is the worst chore in the world. yet i will not let the husband do it for me - he doesn't do it right and then i get all pissy about it. so i am pissy when it comes time to clean the clothes and i am pissy if he helps - lose:lose!
3) the thought of eating jello skeeves me out. i hate that stuff (even with your choice of alcohol in it) and it makes me all pukey.
4) i can't lay in bed when i wake up - not for more than like 10minutes. i get all antsy and just have to start doing something, like brushing my teeth, immediatly!
5) i do not like watching the same movie twice. i mean if it's on tv and there is nothing else on, ok i'll do it. but i do not desire to see something when i already know what will happen at the end.
6) the sound of someone sniffling drives me NUTS! just blow your damn nose already. sheesh.
7) when i take a shower - the first thing i must do is wash my hair. every.time. even if i just showered that morning, it doesn't matter! once my hair gets even a tiny bit wet - game on!

annnd the people i think who should reveal some thing about themselves are:
Annegirrrl - The passing there
Jill - Maybe it's just me
Amy - amilou
jamie - 2+1 makes 3

AND my most bestest new blogger!!

*am too lazy to post that pretty picture here.... sorry!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Husband Rocks

so this week, he has been a trouper. I have been grumpy and sleepy and hungry - usually together - and he just goes with it. I think sometimes he is more intune with this pregnancy than me b/c he always knows how to fix whatever is wrong with me!

we haven't seen much of each other the past few weeks - this one being no exception - but he we always talk at lunch and he always kisses me when he comes home and i am asleep! Also - when I forgot the 2 things I went to the grocery store for b/c I was too preoccupied with buying mac & cheese in every conceivable form - he laughed at me and went out and got what I forgot.

love you very much!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

forgive me internet, i have been a bad blogger

i am so sorry for the lack of posting/updating on the excitment of my life. things have been CRAZY (and i have been beyond tired). I try to stay off the computer at night if mike is here since i hardly get to see him. he gets jealous of you!

So --- what is up with everyone? I need to check my reader before it explodes, but it too will have to wait b/c i am busy eating jojo's and getting psyched for gray's anatomy to come on.

My life has been busy and boring at the same time. I am working on getting the pictures from my mom's wedding edited so I can show some more off. Working on a lot of things for lacrosse this season - some changes, some boring stuff - just being a good coach's wife!
Ummm oh, work is good - busy, less boring - so that is a plus. I am going to get my "promotion" or whatever they are going to call it in a week or so, that is exciting! Still haven't told them about the baby yet - I was all psyched up to do it today and of course the boss wasn't in. I have "popped" as they say to the point that it is un-hidable! I don't mind of course, but it makes it hard to say "oh ya, that beer is really catching up to me" when it's pretty obvious no beer drinking has been going on!
When/if you had to tell your new boss about your pregnancy - how did you do it? I am so perplexed on this, I ask mike everynight what to do! Did you write it up somehow formally or just tell them? I fully intend on working until I can't anymore and being back in 6wks (ok I would like 8 but i know that won't fly!) so it's not like I am leaving forever. I would love some opinions on this one.

That is really all the excitment I can handle for one post - that and my jojo's are getting cold....

I promise to be better and tell you more exciting things next time - preview: the plans for school, moving?!!, pictures pictures and more pictures. stay tuned.....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Houston, we have a heartbeat!

We went to the Dr. yesterday - and he found our little one's hearbeat almost right away! As far as we know, there is only one in there - despite the speculation there may be two! It was just beating away as fast as could be - the dr. said according to the old wives tales it's a girl! - but really, who listens to those things!! Everything else looked good, great in fact is what he told us! We really need to make a decision on if we are going to have a midwife or dr. deliver for us - we are leaning toward dr. And we have to decide which hospital to deliver at, probably going to be scheduling tours here in the next few weeks so we know before our next appt. The main reason we want to figure it out now is that different sets of dr.'s in the practice I see deliever at different hospitals - so we want to get to know the people who could be there with us!

And - what everyone really cares about - the belly!


Friday, September 19, 2008

My Husband Rocks x2

So with last week being so busy, I didn't get around to telling you all about why he rocks so much.

Last week, I had my first (and so far only) bought of actual morning sickness. on the way to work. in my car. ya - it freaking sucked. I had to come home and change and such - and while i was doing that, my husband cleaned my car for me! I mean really, I can't say I would do such things for him - but he didn't even hesitate. It was the greatest thing he did for me last week.

This week - it's just because. he is working hard, very involved in everything with the pregnancy, helpful in about a million ways, and really - mostly b/c he had dinner ready for me last night when I walked in the door!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have missed you

It has been a very busy week.... I have been a bad blogger, am very sorry. This is what I have been up to (all pictures are unedited, stay tuned for more)

Happy Birthday to Aunt Sunday!

Being pampered...
She's getting married!
My favorite picture of Cori

All of us during the wedding [9.14.08]

Grandma & Grandpa renewing their vows after 50yrs
Me and my sisters

Me and my fabulous husband

Mom & Gordon's first dance

Monday, September 8, 2008

have pregnancy, will eat

today was grocery shopping day. let me back up by telling you that we really only "shop" about once a month or two and pick up little things in b/w. We always shop together - ya wierd i know!
So back to the story -- I am going up and down the aisles like usual, grabbing up every yummy thing I can find to eat b/c i was STARVING!! Hubs was laughing at me the whole trip, it was a pretty hilarious time. And you will be happy to know (mom & jacqui) that I got good food to eat and the baby will not starve - at least not this week!


On a seperate note -- my mom's wedding is the weekend! It should be a great time as long as I can sit down in my dress - which is slightly tight in the waist.... but anywho! We are finishing up all the last minute stuff (you know, on top of real life stuff) and saturday is pamper-ourselves day - who doesn't love a mani/pedi?!! So if I am slightly MIA for the next few days you have been warned.

Anything exciting going on with any of my supurb readers? Tell me - I would love to know!

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Husband Rocks

so it's the end of another week, and that means a new reason why my husband rocks my world.

This week's topic: doing without saying

He is always willing to do things that need done, sometimes with more prompting than others, but he is usually willing to do whatever I ask of him - which can be a lot sometimes.

This week in particular he picked up a few things from the store that he knew I needed, he rubbed my back when he knew it was bothering me and he always gives me compliments without me fishing for them ;)

It's nice to have someone who knows what you need before you do.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

double duty

I know you have been in suspense because I keep mentioning things with a "details later" at the end of the sentence.

Let me fill you in.

First - I have the most awesome best friend EVER! She knows how frustrated I have been with my wardrobe problems of late (not the pregnancy part, or even the expanding part, but the part where I want to look nice but nothing fits) and have had some issues finding maternity clothes that are up to my fashion standards (!). So this weekend - she picked me up a whole bag of great things - some I can wear now, some for later, all cute and fashion-worthy!! How wonderful is she?!!

Second - Life plans. I have made a decision. I am not going back to medical school (i know, you are really shocked) - but I am going to continue my education. I am planning on taking the GRE in october in order to apply for a Masters of Public Health program, which is ironically run through the medical school I no longer want to attend. small effin world. But anywho --- I tossed around psychology for a while, and while I think this is something I would enjoy very much, the 5-6yrs MORE of school makes me sick to my stomach, and I don't have enough exposure to know if this is REALLY the direction I want to take - not enough to make such a commitment anyway. I have a feeling that no matter what, I may end up with a Ph.D behind my name one day (and Dr. before...) , but I want to start smaller for the moment.

Third - Job! Promotion! Company cell phone! I have been there for 3.5 days, and already feel like I am moving up in the world. I had a meeting Wed. with the boss & CFO about myself, the company and what they want to do with me. It's all good, very good. AND very much something I want to be doing - direct patient care, research, education, continuity and community outreach - all wrapped up into one developing package. Much job (& financial) security which is comforting. It'll be a little bit of a slow start while I learn more about the basics of the company - but to know that things are moving up - is a great feeling.

Fourth - baby is growing!! ok, I am growing, but still! Feeling crappy (and loving it) still. Heartbeat in 2 weeks! Nervous how to tell work after that....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

have you missed me?

I have been SO busy lately - what with actually working nowadays and the busy weekend and all. It's ok, I am thankful for that, mentally at least - my body is telling me something different. Tired beyond belief, alldaysickness doesn't want to go away and migraines (but the new medicine is working a little). But you know what - I am 8w4d and I couldn't be happier despite all of this...

Mike had a great birthday! We baked in the sun at the indians game with 2 of our best friends and had a great day hanging out with them followed up by a labor day cookout with my family and lunch with his parents. We're going to be getting a GPS for his birthday - so his present is a little late. Although the baby did get him a tshirt of his favorite team.... michigan... i swear it was from the baby and not me! (Go Bucks!!)

I actually have some very interesting news, but it will have to wait until I have more time/energy.

In the mean time, visit Tiffanie (and her guest blogger Colleen) as they await baby Mason's arrival. [she was induced yesterday afternoon]