Tuesday, November 30, 2010

day 30 of 30

You guys, this posting every day gig has been really fun.

I have met a lot of new bloggers and hope that some other new friends have decided to stick around here as well.

I have some videos, lots of pictures and other holiday fanfare (hopefully cookies!)  to share with you all through the next month, maybe not every single day, but hey, I’ll do my best!

But first, I have to show you what I got in the mail for Gianna this week (from etsy, of course):


I can’t wait for her to wear it!!

Also  - Mike picked up these most awesome Boogie Wipes to combat the snot/raw nose problem that has been going on in our house:

They freaking ROCK and the little one has been more willing to have her nose wiped.  Still not a fan of the chinese torture boogie sucker, but hey, one thing at a time I guess.



Kakunaa said...

We got a free sample of those. Can't wait to use them! Sooo happy to read you all month, and always look forward to more!

Eena0605 said...

OMG what etsy shop did you get that shirt, if you don't mind sharing - it is so adorable!

Danifred said...

Ohhhh, those wipes look awesome. Do you think they work better than the lotion tissues?