Thursday, January 28, 2010

Speaking of food....

A local mommy message board I am on, from here on out referred to as the ADMers, has lots of awesome bloggers like her, her, her & her - the fearless leader of this adventure.  We are doing a blog hop, and no, I do not know what that means really - but you can play too by clicking on the mcklinky down there. And, leave some love to all the other awesome participants.

This weeks topic: What is your child's favorite and least favorite foods? Are you Happy about it? What do you do to promote a diverse palate?

Fitting huh? I didn't even know this was going to be the topic when I wrote this post. Am that good, clearly.

Favorite food of G - fruit. carbs. puffs.  she is a freaking puff-a-holic. But for real, she lurves her some fruit. All fruit. Am pleased.

Least favorite food of G - veggies.  In fact, she dislikes veggies so much at the current moment that I can't even hide them in other food (like french fries...) because she will magically eat everything in her mouth BUT the veggie, stick her tongue out with it on there and then gag. Yes. I am serious.  I think this talent is genetic as I her aunts did the same thing growing up..... 

I am totally happy about her choice to love all things fruit. I am not happy about her dislike of veggies, clearly.

We try to just give her some of everything at every meal.  I don't force food on her, but I do make her try everything even if she spit it out the last time we had it.  As we have discussed, I want her to have a more diverse palate and open to any and all suggestions on how to make this a succes!

Now, don't forget to join us each week (add the mcklinky to your page!) ) And visit Paige to join in all the fun. (and for way better directions on how to play)

MckLinky Blog Hop

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I think I have told you before how my husband rocks and is taking the whole stay-at-home-dad gig pretty well. 

Am lucky.

He has been making dinner and having it ready almost every single night

(am really lucky because I am not the biggest fan of cooking)

(also, am not really good at it as was evident by the pasta disaster of December 2009)

Also, I think I have mentioned that we eat a pretty diverse diet. You know, including chicken, grilled cheese, potato in all forms and I lurve me some fruit.  Not so excellent for the baby girl, we are aware.

Tonight I came home to Oat Burgers. 

(I know, it sounds a little unique but hear me out)

They were so freaking good! So good I even tweeted about them! And, at the request of Danifred I am posting the delicious (easy) receipt here.

(I know what you are thinking, how would I know they were easy since I was busy making the baby laugh while the cooking was going on. But I could just tell. So there.)


1c grated cheddar cheese (we used parmesan)

1/2c green pepper, finely chopped

1 tomato, finely chopped (we  used tomato sauce!)

1 small onion, finely chopped

1 c oats

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1/3c plain flour

oil for frying


  1. In medium bowl combine cheese, pepper, tomato, onion, oats, eggs & flour.  mix well. divide into 6 small portions and shape into patties
  2. heat oil in frying pan, add oat burgers
  3. cook like a hamburger….

Now, go on and be healthy!

wordless wednesday

bubbles bubbles bubbles SMILES

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

this lovely blog idea courtesy of MckMama

  • I didn't wear my underwear inside out one day last week. Or my bra.  Definatly not me.
  • I would never have left class early because I wanted to come home and snuggle my baby.  Very unprofessional.....
  • It would for sure NOT cross my mind to ignore a crying baby just to get 5 more minutes of sleep.
  • The idea of having a big first birthday party for G, and to start planning it now would not be something I would do.  No way.
  • Being a working mom with a stay at home dad for a husband never makes me insanely jealous. Clearly, that is not me.
  • Counting down the days until my eye doctor appointment (today!) would be totally dorky. I would not have done such a thing.....
  • Reserving the addition of more not me statements......

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Am a big girl. Taking in all Bed, Bath & Beyond has to offer
(what you are missing here is a) this is the first time she has ever sat in a shopping cart & b) she thought it was freaking hilarious, that just doesn't really come through in the picture....)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

one sick baby = no sleep. ever.

This last week has been, interesting.

Last week was scary.

Gianna had high fevers for a few days, followed by a REALLY high fever and trip to the ER.  Of course she was happy as could be when the doctor came in, clearly she is dramatic.  It's just a virus they tell us, ask jennepper how assholeish that phrase is. 
The next day she started with the congestion.  But it's up really high in her sinuses, as in, no boogy sucker*, saline drop or humidifier is touching it.  Poor kid snores when she sleeps, very pitiful.  I called the nurse line to our peds office last night because, helloooo she is not sleeping or breathing (ok, she IS breathing, but not well!) they basically said that until she has been miserable stuffed up for 10days don't even bother coming in.  Thanks for that, asshole.  I hope they are sending me coffee by the case because there is not much sleeping going on here. 

I have been wanting one of those temporal thermometers, would have come in handy last week when we were wrestling the baby taking her temperature.  I finally got one the other day at babies r us, for a killer deal.  It is fun to play with.  Did you know you the temperature on your forehead and stomach are significantly different? Me either......  But - I do really recommend it.  I will now be prepared for fevers and party fun.

She is pretty happy most of the day, but she stays up for even shorter amounts of time between naps/sleep, doesn't want to eat**, sleeps like shit.  But she laughs and smiles, so that counts for something right?  Does anyone want to come over and take the 3a-6a shift? Anyone at all?

*I totally typed booby first. thought you might want to know.
**tonight, she threw her entire dinner on the floor, tried to fling herself out of her highchair and when I put her down on the floor to entertain herself while we finished eating, she ate the cheerios off the floor. I am in SO MUCH TROUBLE.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010


  • I hate washing bottles, probably a tie between that and changing the diaper genie for worst baby related chores.
  • Hate is a really strong word. I do not hate anyone in my life, even if I want to. What I do hate is that I am nice to everyone, whether they deserve it or not, and it gets me no where but frustrated a lot. But, I am not the kind of person that can be mean unless I am provoked, and even then, I usually get upset with a smile on my face. At least not out loud.
  • I have an eye doctor appointment next week and I am really excited. I have never been able to see, but lately it is much much worse. My glasses are pointless.
  • We went out to dinner tonight, it started out that we were going somewhere with alocoholic beverages and we ended up at IHOP.
  • My semester started today, I am sad to be away from the baby and even though she doesn't notice or care that I am gone, it kills me. I know it is for the best, it just doesn't always feel like it.
  • I think I feel worse about working and school today because G has been really sick this week. So sick we had our first trip to the ER. (all is fine.... it's just a virus.....::insert eye roll + angry face::) and I was at work. Not home with my sick baby. And that, made me sick.
  • Mike was home with her, which made me feel about 1/10th better about the situation.
  • Speaking of Mike, he has been looking for months for a job in video production/editing/broadcasting with out luck. Any ideas on what else he can do to get a job in his industry?
  • I have been working out more and I feel great about it! Lets hope it keeps up with the busy semester ahead. Also, because I got a gift certificate to go tanning for christmas but I am holding out on using it until I look and feel better about myself.
  • My project 365 is going well. I really like it, even if I only upload the pictures once a week or so.
  • Oh and my laptop - it died. Well, the screen died. If I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Husband Rocks

I haven't done one of these friday posts in a long time.
Because things in our house have been a lot less "rocking" and a lot more "rocky".

After being together for nearly 10 years, this was probably the lowest of the low times. A mountain I wasn't sure we could climb.

We have spent the last few months working really hard to understand what went wrong, when it went wrong and why it went wrong. These are answers that we may never have. What we have learned, along with a newly founded relationship with God, we are using to propel us forward. One day at a time.

My husband has been working really hard with me to make this work. He has been pushing me, actually. Also, he has been at home with our baby girl. It makes it easier to go to work everyday knowing he is taking care of her. I even get yelled at on the weekends for messing up her routine!

We started a new trend for us which involes turning off the computers, the tv, the blackberries and just recaping our events and thoughts for the day. It's really really nice. It helps to keep US in perspective on a daily basis. Something that was lost for far too long.

My husband rocks this week because he believes in what we have. In all that is right and wrong in our relationship. In US.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lets talk about sex (after you have a) BABY

We all (should) know where babies come from by this time in our lives.

The horizontal tango.
Doing the nasty.

so we do it like clockwork to try and conceive such baby.
Baby is conceived (be it by sex or science).
That bowling ball of head is pushed out and rippage occurs (or not, lucky bitches)
The 6 week rest period is over. And, IUD is in place because no more babies yet please.

And you go at it again. Not so much like rabbits, or clockwork, or really anything at all resembling sexy because OH MY VAGINA does it hurt. I think that my other mommies friends left this part out of their life-after-baby recap.

Once we get past the pain and the uncomfortableness there are a few other issues that arise. Don't worry, I will discuss them with you - because all of you not-yet mommy readers should be warned. It's only fair. Really.

Moving on...
the issues.....

Issue #1: Having sex with another human in the house. I am no vouyer, but I did go to college... I am no stranger to having sex with others in some-what close proximity (sorry, mom). But this was different. Granted we never had the babe in our room because if we did, there would be no motion in the ocean. period. But she was across the hall. Like two steps between our doors - that were open - because if she wakes up we must console her. I felt like some people whose dogs watch them have sex... only no one was really watching. The anticipation of the cry all but killed any mood you can have after your 4th sleepless night in a row.

I would love to say that I have gotten over this awkwardness - but no. She is just old enough to have the door shut and me not worry.

Issue #2: Dealing with the fluffy tummy. It jiggles. And the lumpy thighs. All of the unattractiveness and gross that you (ok, I) felt (feel...) does not make for good love making. And. There is no nakedness in this house. (you cared, I know) Also - no lights. I may turn into ash if my pasty, lumpy ass sees the day of light. Moral here - believe your husband when he says you look great, it helps.

Issue #3: Wondering minds. I know you have all done it - thought about your grocery list, writing blogs about the inner workings of your sex life, your fluffy tummy etc. when going at it. When you are even busier and fluffier than you have ever been, the mind a wonders even more. Now, I am not always making lists in my head when I am alone with the hubs, but sometimes, I am. (sorry, honey) Got to make use of every second.....

Issue #4: The vag. The second degree tear. The scar tissue. All makes for an uncomfortable situation. Nine months ago (ok, nine months minus six or whatever weeks) I though I was going to lose my shit when we tried to get it done. Not so bad these days. We are back to our normal activities, I would say. Also, lets not leave out the great drought in the valley of fluff (also known as my between my legs). Fun. People DEFINITELY left this one out.

Issue #5: The tired. To go along with the wondering minds, awkwardness of having a little human so close, there is the sleep deprevation. I am not saying I am any more or less tired than other moms - but between working/schooling/mommying/wifeing - by 9pm I am d.o.n.e. which means the sexing is not so much on my priority list. I need a nap just thinking about having sex....

So, friends, consider yourself warned, and overly informed on the inner workings of my sex life. All is good and since I am busy-ish, I have been trying to figure out how to enter the sex into my sparkpeople fitness log.... I couldn't find it under "other activities".... I think it should count as cardio or SOMETHING

Monday, January 11, 2010

Longer out than in

40 weeks, to the day, I was pregnant.
40 weeks, to the day, I have been some one's mother.


It has been a crazy 9 months, as I am sure every mom will tell you....

At 9 months she can:
crawl like a champ
pull up on anything
scale furniture, toys and all wobbly structures
walk a few feet while holding on to your hands
find any and all of the smallest objects known as trash, to put into her mouth.
eat like it's going out of style, which you would never know based on her peanut size.
respond to her name. and the word "no".....
gets really REALLY excited when she sees me or Mike walk into the room
sign "eat" and "more" - understands the signs for "eat", "more", "all done"
snuggle to perfection
melt our hearts with every big 2.5 toothed-smile she gives

The reflux doesn't seem to get her down anymore, we stopped her medicine last month and she still has her uncomfortable moments but the projectile vomit has decreased. She hates and I mean HATES having her diaper changed and also hates when you have to pull things over her head. She loves to play with her shoes, naturally. she loves to play with my shoes, naturally.
Gianna gets to stay at home with her daddy most days - good for both of them. Sad for me. But, life will go on! She loves music and dancing. Hilarious to watch.

I can not get over how much she has learned and what she has accomplished in 9 months. It is amazing.

And now, we must start planning her first birthday party! These events tend to sneak up on me when I am not looking.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


  • work out 3 days a week
  • take one picture every day
  • say one positive thing each morning
I want to work out more - because I like it and I need to get rid of the jiggle. And, lets face it, I want to go shopping and be able to buy clothes I like and that feel good on me.

Pictures and photography are an itty bitty hobby of mine, so I think I can manage project 365. Follow it here because I won't be posting a picture every single day on the 'ol blog. I would never remember to do that. And, I am really excited to do this - wait until you see what my life is like - for real.

Because most days end up crappy between work and life and stress and blah - I figure if I start them out on a more positive note, it might make the ending a little softer. Trying the glass 3/4 full approach for 2010. I actually made this a daily goal on my page so I can track it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

what's for dinner

It has been brought to my attention that I am no Betty Crocker.
My husband does most of the cooking in our house. I am not complaining.

Here's the problem - we eat the same rotation of food all the time. And that isn't saying much. We are two of the pickiest eaters you will ever ever meet.
Considering we have a fresh little mouth to feed, who will eat anything you stick in front her, we need to change up the rotation. Add some pinch hitters into the line up.....

(enough with the baseball analogies. i don't really even like baseball.... anyway)

A few of the other mommies and wives that I know meal plan. I always thought it looked like a lot of work, so I didn't do it. Am lazy. But now, I feel like it is a lot of work to think of something to make for dinner every single day and figure out if we have whatever I need to make said dinner. Cereal it is.....
I would like for the peanut to try everything, and hopefully like it too. Then she won't live the life of a picky eater like her parents. (is a pain in the arse) I have been enjoying trying things with her, and, surprise! I like (some) of it. Except green beans, still not a fan.

Back to this idea of meal planning. I have gotten some ideas of where to go for good, healthy, EASY recipes. But how do I know they will taste good?
Give me your favorite's!
And, if you meal plan, how do you do it? Weekly? Every two weeks? Based on grocery store adds? Coupons?
Do you have a separate calender? I use google calendars, but I know I won't look at it enough to use it for this. I need these things in my face. Or I will eat cereal. Again.

Pour on the ideas/tips/tricks etc. I promise to share with the group.
annnndddd go!

Friday, January 1, 2010

so is it twenty ten, oh-ten or twothousandten

I do not really ever resolve to do anything in the New Year. I know better. And I choose not to fail....

This year, is different.
I am doing monthly goals and quarterly goals. (no, I did not think of this on my own, I stole it from her)

Maybe I will actually blog these monthly goals (but not today) so you can all kick my ass when I slack off. We will see.....

Enough about me, what about you? Do you resolve? Do you hold yourself accountable, and how?!! How did 2009 treat you and what do you expect out of 2010?

2009 was one of the most roller coaster years I have had to date:

I have gained the most amazing experience of my life.
Been disappointed by the actions (or lack of action) of some for the last time.
Gotten a small jump start in the professional world.
Continued my education.
Lost a friend because apparently you can't trust the people you trust
Gained a brother in law
Shared in motherhood with some incredible women
And learned a lot about what I can do.

This year was no better or worse than the one before, it was different and special in a thousand different ways. I am thankful for what I was able to experience, but more thankful for who I got to experience it with.

Bring it on twenty ten. Show me what twentyohnine left behind.*

*not originally intended as dr. seussish, but cute huh?!