Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moving On

In May of 2010 I felt like a real grownup, we finally owned our own home!


It wasn’t very big and it wasn’t very fancy, yet at the same time it was just right.


We made the space work for us turning the rooms into a variety of bedrooms, playrooms, and offices as we needed to change the space to meet our needs. We grew our family in that house, quite literally, as since we moved in as a young Family of Three.

6.19  (10)

But as we expanded to our Party of Five – our small house, while it held us and all of our stuff and all of our memories relatively well, wasn’t going to hold us, our stuff, and our memories for too terribly long. It was time to get this little house sold.


Thankfully, we only had to endure about 3 weeks of keeping the house spotless and over a dozen showings before another young couple decided our house was just right for them.


We said goodbye to our small house, the white house according to Gianna, last week.DSC_0258DSC_0255DSC_0262

But now where do we go?

For now, we are going to have an extended sleepover at my parents house – which we are so incredibly thankful to be able to do.

And sometime before October, this beautiful plot of grass will become a beautiful new home for us!5.9  (3)5.9  (6)

We never EVER thought we would build, we had in fact, said we would definitely NOT build – but we are very excited for this adventure, for a home that checks all of the boxes on our wish list.

If I felt like a real grownup when we bought our first home, I can bet that I am going to feel like a really blessed grownup when our new house gets signed over to us.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Saying Yes

I have found myself saying "no" or "not right now" and "maybe later" a lot lately. Life has been moving ahead at warp speed the past few months, especially and I forget that to the kids, life moves a tad slower & certainly with much less stress.

As I was packing, Gianna found some old silk nightgowns that I haven't seen in forever.

This sparked her imagination to life. She decided Cinderella was coming for a birthday party.

She dressed up.

She ushered Cinderella to the door.

She entertained her guest with good conversation & reminisced about how Cinderella came to her 5th birthday.

And eventually we had birthday cake ice cream to celebrate.

Because this was something I could say yes to. And why not? She had a great time playing dress up & entertaining her favorite princess.

I need to remember these little things bring these little ladies the most joy.