Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers: turkey hangover edition

  • Had a great day yesterday with the family – we had 4 kinds of potatoes and lots of dishes filled with cheese. that is my kind of food!
  • I get to eat cheese-y potato leftovers tonight and that makes me super happy.
  • Only had to spend about an hour at the in-laws, it was tolerable.  I guess.  The crazy just gets me every time.
  • First ever black Friday shopping attempt today – I mean, if you count going to the stores at 11 black Friday shopping.
  • Scored a sweet deal on a new xmas tree. Since we threw ours away when we moved and forgot about it until this week – good thing I found something on sale or we would have turned a coat rack into a tree before I spent $100 on one!  I do wish I would have gotten to Gap before 10am for the 50% off sale though, oh well.
  • I NEED to be done shopping for G. But I keep getting things at awesome prices. And saying she only needs one more thing…. But really, she does only need one more thing…..
  • I NEED to figure out what the heck to get the rest of the family members! Adults are hard creatures to shop for sometimes.
  • there is a big pile of research, a paper and some phone calls waiting for me to pay attention to them…. I really really don’t want too.
  • We are going to a local christmas tree festival tomorrow and hopefully to a christmas parade.  I mean, the parade will be going on regardless, but if it rains, we are out!
  • Also tomorrow- is Beat Michigan Day!  IMG_0082_GDHoping to be able to catch the game after the trees.  I wish it started at 1:30 instead of noon, that would have been much more conducive to my schedule.
  • It is cold here today. And Mike is working a college football game.  I bet he has frozen fingers….  I’ll drink some coffee for him because I am so sweet and thoughtful.
  • GOOOO Buckeyes!11.26

as always, share your leftovers with Danifred and the rest of us!


JJ said...

I just noticed your "Leave Your Comment" sentence--made me giggle! I'd love to give you some starbucks :)

Hope you all have fun tomorrow!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Cute photo in the leaves! Glad Black Friday was a success for you, I was boycotting!

Happy Thanksgiving:)

Danifred said...

Hope the festival was just awesome! I, too, need to stop shopping for the girls. They have way more than they ever need. But, yes, shopping for adults is painful.

Rebecca said...

"The crazy" runs rampant in every family!

Adults are really hard to buy for! I hate it!!!