Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday night leftovers

Attempting to write and post this from my phone.....

I do research and this week alone I have had 3 meetings and suddenly we are in a time crunch to get a component completed. Funny how it wasn't urgent the past 3 weeks....

Trying to come up with Christmas ideas for my family is tuff this year.

I can't believe thanksgiving is next week. Woah!

I'm boring today, sorry!
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renee said...

ooooh! i know what you should get your mom!!!!! she would LOVE it! i will send you the link on fb. we got my mom one a few years ago and we got joshs parents each one this year. :-)

Danifred said...

Horray for a post from your phone! Nice work :)
I can not believe how fast time is flying by. Christmas is almost upon us! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Kakunaa said...

Every time I want to do this, it's not leftover stuff. I have a list of posts I have to keep so I don't forget.

Congrats on posting from your phone! I do it, too!

Skip Christmas, we are :)

seussgirl said...

I refuse to believe Christmas is so close.although I am prett excited to be able to buy gifts this year!