Friday, August 29, 2014


There is something about my girls and music – they LOVE it! They also LOVE to dance. Like, LOVE! Anything that sounds like a beat you will see both Gianna and Aleesia bee-bopping along.
Aleesia just started to really get into music and dancing, it’s seriously my favorite to watch her little 18 month old booty dancing around the house. She’s hilarious!

In fact, this morning she got up and came into the living room where Mickey was on, and she immediately started bouncing around dancing doing the hot dog dance. A happy baby = a happy family and it was definitely a great way to start my Friday.

You know what equals a happy baby though, right? A dry baby and there is no secret behind my love of Pampers and their ability to move and grove with this little dancing queen. And their sensitive wipes are the best on her sensitive little booty.

She makes this little octopus toy crinkle and I see her bobbing her head. Plus it makes all kinds of noises and plays music so in the midst of her post-dinner silliness I saw her hanging out on the couch jamming (and randomly identifying the color purple, correctly!)
In fact, Pampers is hosting the #BabyGotMoves campaign so everyone with a cute kid who loves to dance can participate! Pampers is going to take some of the videos that have been shared and compile them into a compilation video at the end of the campaign – your baby could be famous! So take a video of your little one in the morning (or in the afternoon, evening, middle of the night, whenever they like to bust a move) and share it with everyone on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #BabyGotMoves – but especially Pampers! You fan find Pampers on Twitter and Facebook too.

I am going to be sharing this awesome video of Aleesia from Disney – it incorporates her favorite things: music, dancing, and cheerios!

But before you run over to Facebook or Instragram to upload your own video – take a second to enter the awesome giveaway in support of this fabulous campaign!
Pampers is giving away a GREAT prize pack (estimated value $100)  which will include:
  • Homedics Jam Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (these things are SO COOL!)
  • Baby Einstein Octoplush (Aleesia loves it, see above!)
  • Bright Starts Pretty In Pink Get Movin' Music Player (Both of the girls actually love this thing, too)
  • The Baby Hustle: An Interactive Book with Wiggles and Giggles! (this one is a hit already)
  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes
  • Pampers Baby Dry Diapers
Simply enter a comment with your favorite song to dance too – what puts you in a good mood no matter what? Mine is Timber if I am feeling spunky, Don’t Stop Believing if I am feeling nostalgic, and pretty much anything with a good beat any other time of day.

Bonus entries for sharing this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, or through your own blog – just leave an extra comment with the link!

*Giveaway is open through Friday September 5th 11:59pm. Ensure you leave your email (or have your Google account linked to your email) in the comment so I can contact you when you win!*

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vacation 2014: Disney!

In the midst of the crazy that has been this past week with school starting and a few other things that have come up, I haven’t had a chance to get our “first day of school” pictures from the camera or do much else besides make it through each day.

So to that end, here are a few favorite straight-from-the-camera pictures from Disney! Full recap coming later…

8.12  (32)8.12  (36)8.12  (50)8.13  (53)8.13  (86)8.13  (157)

8.13  (239)8.13  (246)

8.14  (34)8.14  (51)8.14  (159)8.15  (68)8.15  (91)8.15  (133)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vacation 2014: Beach time!

We got the best of both worlds on our vacation this year – beach and a little Disney magic. First up are just a few, unedited, favorite beach pictures:

8.9  (22)

8.10  (36)

8.10  (49)


8.11  (13)8.11  (52)8.11  (76)8.11  (80)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Two girls and a….

We found out last week that we will be blessed with another baby girl!


She looks great, healthy, so far drama-free and is kicking up a storm these days!

We have NO IDEA what her name will be, of course, but we’re up for the challenge.

Gianna is pretttty excited to have another sister and Aleesia has no idea what is going on but I’m sure she will appreciate getting to play both the little and big sister role.

Our hearts are overflowing with love for this girl already. I think she is going to fit in juuuuuuust fine!

Monday, August 4, 2014

A letter to my second daughter: 18 month unbirthday

My little Aleesia -

What an adventurous, crazy, first 18 months to life this has been for you (and for all of us!). Between hospital visits, big smiles, a few extra doctors appointments, extra snuggles, you sure have learned a lot more than just to eat your toes!

7.4  (32)

This is one of my favorite ages – the beginning of toddler silliness with a side of snuggly baby. And  you my little love are no exception.

You LOVE to eat – I know I’ve said this before, but it still amazes me and makes me laugh at the same time. You went from being a small and scrawny baby nearly falling off of the growth chart to a complete 180 in that department!

Your pink blanket and elephant wubanub are your security items, or as we refer to them, your supplies. You aren’t seen much these days without these two things close behind. I can’t believe I don’t have a good picture of you with them, I’ll need to fix that.


And speaking of pictures, while there might not be as many pictures of you as there are of Gianna as your aunts like to point out, I still managed to get a few adorable ones.

You are talking a lot now – mama, dada, hi, bye, more, please, dog, papa, aunt jacqui (no, really!), baby, nigh-nigh, high five, Mickey and Minnie! and I know so many more things that I am forgetting right now. One of my favorite things is the way you say hello – it’s more like “ellooooo” so funny! You know exactly who Gianna is but for some reason you still call her “daddy”!

Speaking of Minnie and Mickey, you have discovered this crazy Disney sing a long that we have and you love it – you’ll just bring us everything that looks like a TV remote saying “Mickey?” until we turn it on!

We started coloring with Gianna, which  you also like. Swimming is a favorite still. And you have started playing with toys some too – it’s fun to see you interacting with Gianna and starting to do some imaginative play. Babies dolls have recently made a big entrance into your life – you hug them, rock them, put them nigh-nigh, throw them on their head, etc.

7.20  (7)5.25  (42)

We see a little sibling rivalry sometimes, but mostly you just want to be doing whatever Gianna is doing and stick close to her. Generally you two will snuggle in the morning. And you are sharing a room now, which is going pretty well. You are a night owl compared to your big sister and usually think she is playing hide and seek with you once she falls asleep!!

4.5  (4)

We’ve traveled a bit the past six months and you had quite an adventure in Washington DC! We are gearing up for your first airplane ride to Florida though, it should be a great trip.

4.27  (9)

It amazes me how similar yet how different you are from your sister, I am constantly reminded that you are truly unique people and I love it! You love to dance, have picked up the skills of tantrum-throwing from Gianna, and are truly perfecting the pouty lip (you’re a sensitive sole).

I realize this doesn’t mean much to you right now, but you are a lucky girl. You have one big sister to learn all about life from and you will soon have a little sister to teach all of the life lessons you learn from Gianna.  She’s lucky to have both of you, but I have a sneaking suspicion the two of you are going to have something special.

My little snuggle bug, you have such a unique personality and your big smile truly lights up any room you are in. I can’t wait to see your personality bloom even more,you have so much to share with us!

We love you peanut,