Friday, October 24, 2008


so, the end of another week and a pretty great one in terms of husbands.

With all the moving and repairing and whatnot going on he has been VERY helpful (despite my crazy moods on any given hour of any given day) and very willing to do whatever he needs.

Thank goodness one of us has the energy to do these things - goodness knows I am not anywhere near there (and a cold is creeping up on me, so that helps none). He just does what he knows needs done and I know it will all get done!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


we had our first hospital tour last night.

I can officially say I am overwhelmed by the idea of physically giving birth. It is one thing that I prefer to leave to the later months in pregnancy (or you know... when the time comes). Here are the specs.
  • 3 ppl allowed in the birthing suite, 4 ppl allowed in the post partum rooms at a time
  • birthing rooms are very large and pretty "homey"
  • everyone was really nice & accomodating
  • dad can spend the night as long as you have a private pp room

those were the highlights for us. hospital #2 is next weekend to compare and then decide. I wasn't overly impressed or disappointed, both are good things!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

big happenings

There are some things I just choose not to blog about sometimes - you know, like boring life stuff (you all know the exciting things) and things that would annoy a lot of people!

Well - in neglecting to tell you about some stuff, I left out one of the biggest decisions mike and I were trying to make right now - to move or not. We live in a pretty nice place, for low rent, but it would have been slightly cramped with the baby and our neighbors are beyond obnoxious. So we started to look at houses a little bit (to rent - not buy yet) and the family got word of this. My twin sister came up with an idea and pitched it to my mom - us renting out my grandparents home since it hasn't been even close to selling in over 2 yrs. What a solution to everyone's problems!

We knew the house was nice (3br, 2bath, big living area, even bigger basement, att. garage, 1st fl laundry, nice neighborhood) but hadn't been in there in a while. After taking a look around yesterday we have plenty of work to do in updating - but it will be ours. My grandparent would love to have us there.

And we want to move by nov. 1........

Mike already left to start working on some things and I am sitting in a living room with a bunch of 1/2 packed boxes. Let the games begin!

Friday, October 17, 2008

my husband rocks

because he is there for his family.
by family i mean me. this week he was there for me when i needed him
i also mean his parents/grandma. he is also there for them this week. what a good son/grandson he is.

because he is my rock - i love him even more.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

it's my belly and.....

and i decide who touches it.


it has been a really sad week for both of our families. We each lost a sibling to a grandparent on monday. Mine was my great aunt - my grandma's sister - who passed away 10yrs to the day of my grandma who i adore more than anyone in this world [maybe even more than my mom, her daughter] , they were the same age when they passed away. Today we celebrated the life of Mike's great uncle - his grandfather's brother - who mike was also very fond of. It is always nice to see family, if only the circumstances could have been better. I have a hard time dealing with death in general, I don't like to talk about it much. Yesterday was especially hard for me, I miss my grandparents very very much, I cry when I think of them and how happy they would be for me, but I know they are going to help me/us in the years to follow & I know my grandma is happy to have her sister with her as well.

so back to the belly thing - with all the family and them finding out I am expecting - they had, clearly, no choice but to touch my stomach. a lot. It is ok for some people to do it - but otherwise no. I also did not enjoy my MIL pointing out my stomach this evening and referring to it as her grandchild. sure, there is a baby in there, but until it is outside of this stomach - I am still me and that is a part of my body that happens to be growing at a rapid pace.

So - moral of the story, it is now pretty obvious to everyone that I am with child, no need to make them feel stupid by pointing it out. And we miss our loved ones all day everyday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


why is it that when people refer to a pregnant women they:

a) talk with their hands to indicate you are getting fatter & possibly going deaf &/or forgot the state of your body at the moment.
b) must reiterate to you just how much you are eating
c) ask, a lot, "how many babies are in there?" and say "are you sure?" when you reply 1.
d) act as if you can not do anything for yourself.... (ok, maybe this one isn't so bad sometmes!)

to answer all of these questions...

a) i know i am getting bigger, that there is a baby in there, and my hearing is fine.
b) i also know that I am hungry a lot - leave me alone!
c) yes, 1. that i know of. will get a definate answer for you thursday.
d) thanks for all the help, but sometimes i want to do it myself! (only sometimes though....)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


apple picking day

some of the awesome flowers planted at the orchardhappy fall!!
plz ignore my extra chin...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

rockin' husbands friday!

so there is a very good reason that he rocks this week.

he let me sleep on his side of the bed.

might not seem like much - but i have been sleeping like complete shit lately and he thought that might help. it did. such a thoughtful, sweet man he is to give up his sleeping position.

why does your husband (or best friend or mom or whoever) rock this week?!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

never say never...

some reasons not to do this:

-- i swore i would not buy the baby gender specific clothes no matter how cute they are or how cheap. we bought the cutest pink polo dress on friday night for $3.

-- i said i could never ever be a SAHM. the thought has crossed my mind in the past few days, too bad our check book wouldn't agree with this statement.

-- i have probably never worn the same outfit twice in one month. that is becoming impossible these days - i don't like it.

-- i also said i would not wear any maternity pants with a full belly panel. there are a pair hanging in my closet right now that are actually comfortable and cute.

-- i promised myself never to touch my belly in public/when other people are watching. i do it without even noticing, then i silently yell at myself for it until it happens again.

-- never did i imagine my life to be what it is today. I am thankful for where I am right now and who I am - but when I think about it, it is surprising, even to me.

these are just a few of the things i said i would never do, i clearly lie to myself. I am sure few people care about such things as these, but apparently I care more than I thought.
One thing that I said I would do and have actually been doing is keeping a journal for our little one of all things that we wish/hope/dream for their life - and what is going on right now. I find myself getting excited to write in it sometimes! I tell the baby about our family and when they meet someone new as an inside person.

There is one meeting coming up that I am not sure I will want to tell him/her about. I mentioned a few months ago that my "grandma" who I haven't seen or heard from in 5-10 years wants to see us (me and my sisters). We have all had a hard time with this because what grandmother would not want to be involved in her granddaughters lives'? I honestly never imagined seeing them again - because what would be the point? well anyway, apparently she feels bad about everything now and has been repeatedly asking about when she can see us for a while now. We finally decided to just do it because well, whatever. I personally feel like it is more of a business meeting than anything else, I have already felt all of the emotions I can over this situation and have nothing left to feel/give towards it other than my presence. It will be interesting.
But then I think about my mom and mother in law. They would never in a million years think of doing such a thing to their (unborn) grandchild/ren. I can't imagine it. Being pregnant and going through this whole thing makes me think a lot differently. I would never put my baby in a situation where I felt they could get hurt in this unimaginable way - so when the question comes up at this 'meeting' like I know it will about them seeing our child - I am not sure how to answer. My instinct is to say no, you will not hurt my child like that. But I don't want to say never....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Husband Rocks - one day late!

he rocks this week as usual. why this time you ask?

just because.

I don't have one specific thing that happened this week - it's the everyday things that he does for me and with me that are just awesome. We are each others best friend - I think that says enough right there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hey there old friend

how is everyone today? good huh?! great news!!

i am actually feeling halfway decent today - must be the mexican i ate for dinner! The headaches so don't want to go away, but hey i can deal b/c i get to show this off:

now that my work knows (and my boss hugged me in congratulations) i feel so much better, and they all finally admit that they started to notice something changing. My clothes so do not fit - at least my pants, even hard to wear some of them with the bella band b/c they won't zip at all. embarrassing. and the shirts - just a little tight, kind of sausage looking at times.
The baby is getting really spoiled already - grandma and grandpa miller(!) bought the baby a bunch of stuff from the carribean while on the honeymoon. (including a cute dress... think they want a girl?!) And the aunts are buying such cute outfits already :)
And in other news
I have finally started to work on the (long) application process for the masters program i am going to start next fall. I will be really ready to learn by then i think. The option of finishing my MD is still on the table for the future - not the really near future, but maybe when i finish the masters. one step at a time i guess, see where my heart is after each one. So, that is the education news for now. currently trying to educate myself on all the crazy stuff that happens to your body during pregnancy and where to deliver said baby.
That is enough for now huh? I have a little vent to get out - but I will save it for later since I am in a good mood tonite!