Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation Prep Post #2–Transatlantic Travel and the Toddler

I ordered the shoes from my last vacation prep post – I can’t wait for them to come! (I ended up going with the Silver because the white wasn’t in stock in my size, because I know you were concerned).

Now I have been focusing some serious attention on this whole transatlantic flight situation. 

First issue is going to be getting her through the body scanner at the airport.  Do they make little kids go through that, even?  It is a bizarre experience having to stand in the little box with your arms over your head…..

We fly from the US to Italy in the evening/night - my biggest concern here is helping G fall asleep on the plane.  I am going to pack her a small pillow, a favorite blanket, jammies and of course her lovies and binky in hopes of a relatively easy transition into slumberland after dinner on the plane.

Any other tips you may have for sleep on a plane? She is NOT one to sleep anywhere other than her crib or her car seat, so it could get tricky. 

We of course, are brining entertainment supplies.  Color wonder markers/paper, sticker book & crayons, My Liittle Ponies (she gets a new one for the plane trip), princesses (she is really into pretending lately, so hopefully it will be a quiet activity for the plane) and a few small books. Plus my iPhone and/or an iPad borrowed from a friend. My only issue here is that she won’t keep headphones on her head or in her ears…. any tips there?

Now…. on the way home… we are leaving Spain during the day, have 2 connections and holy hell are we all going to be exhausted.  This is the trip that REALLY concerns me.  I am going to seriously need advice here from anyone that has done this before.  Fingers crossed she just falls asleep once we take off, but it is really just going to be a very long travel day.

Also – do you do anything special to help them handle the time change? A 2 year old, as we know, has no concept of time really to begin with  - so maybe I don’t even need to worry about it?

The other thing we MUST bring is food. Miss Picky-Pants surely won’t eat the airline provided meal and she probably won’t eat much when we are in Venice for 2 days or out on our excursions since eggo waffles are more than likely not on the menu…..  I am planning on bringing a box of granola bars, applesauce (checking this in my luggage…still not sold on how this is going to be successful), smucker’s waffles, gummies, goldfish (or some kind of trail mix), maybe cheerios and that is probably all.  Suckers last time were nothing but a nasty, germy, sticky toy – so I am considering just leaving those at home.

Everyone in my family will be packing diapers for me, obviously we will have wipes. Also these handy dandy dirty diaper bags that don’t stink. In addition to children’s Tylenol I was thinking of brining some Mylanta (G still has some stomach issues) just in case. 

We are taking our Chicco lightweight stroller.  Considering some kind of a leash (OMG I can’t believe I just typed that), but G is a good hand-holder when she isn’t losing her mind exhausted. 

What am I forgetting that I could possibly need in a foreign country? Anything particular I should know about getting her through customs without incident? Mike and I have only traveled internationally once, and that was almost 5 years ago on our honeymoon.

I am POSITIVE this trip is going to be out-of-this-world-awesome, and that my very schedule oriented toddler will do fantastically. Feeling so blessed to be able to take her somewhere I have waited my whole life to see!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

9.18  (2)9.18  (10)

Toddlers are super silly.

9.18  (6)9.18  (9)

And I was totally practicing my paparazzi skills. Gotta get ready for vacay!


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Monday, September 26, 2011

I need your thoughts

Have you heard that we have been trying to add to our family? Probably, huh?

We thought we accomplished that goal this past week.

I felt like I was pregnant. The daily pregnancy tests were looking good. I was nervous after last month, but felt okay about the situation. I waited a week to call the doctor, even. We decided to tell our families on Saturday, because we STINK at keeping secrets.

And on Saturday afternoon, the spotting started. Followed by bleeding.

Confirmed Sunday as another early miscarriage.

I really don’t know what to think.  I am frustrated. And mad. And sad. And confused.

My initial thought is to make an appointment with my doctor to just talk things out.  But then I think, what is that going to accomplish?  At my annual, which was 2 weeks after the last miscarriage, this was how the conversation went with the midwife I usually see:

MW: “are you trying to get pregnant?”

Me: “yes…we actually had what seemed to be a chemical pregnancy this past month….”

MW: “oh, well, that happens sometimes”

Me: “um…..”

MW: “so, let me stick my hands in your vagina real quick so we can move on.”  “okay, all done, It took you awhile to get pregnant last time, right?”

Me: “9 months”

MW: “okay,well I bet you get pregnant when you are all relaxed on that fabulous vacation you have coming up”

Me: “right….”

I left feeling a little annoyed.  I know it’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it was the biggest deal in MY world.

What am I even going to say or ask when I go in this time?  “So it appears that I can get pregnant, however my uterus is revolting – can you help make it a happier place?”

We have been at this for 5 cycles since having my Mirena removed, which I know isn’t an exceptional period of time.  I don’t chart using BBT – but I do chart CM changes, use OPK’s and PreSeed.  I am feeling pretty helpless and that stinks.

Any advice on what to bring up at this WTF? appointment?


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vacation Prep Post #1 - What do I pack?

Our vacation is quickly approaching and I have finally started to do some prep.

I finally started the registration process on the Cruise line website.

I have an idea of what excursions we are going to book.

I rented my camera lens. (priorities!)

Ordered a larger SD card.

Found the shoes I want to get – they are OMG comfortable.

But I can’t decide between silver or white – thoughts?

Going along with the shoe dilemma is the obvious – what the hell do I wear and how the hell am I going to get 12 days worth of clothes into one suitcase issue.  My “norm” is to pack outfits – usually 2 a day. That is never going to work for this trip.

thanks to Pinterest – I came across this beautiful piece of packing advice:

The climate is fall-ish, 65 – 75 degrees on average.

I am bringing for sure 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of jean capris. Plain tanks (4-6), t-shirts (2-3) and long sleeve t-shirts (1).  I have one dress for sure I plan on for walking around.  I would love a great cotton skirt or 2 to take.

My color palette is leaning towards pink (shocking, right?) and/or tealish.  I really need to find a dress to wear for the formal dinner night – this has been quite the challenge for me. 

Shoes? Ya… that is going to be an issue FOR SURE. I can’t even think about this! If I can get it down to 5 pair, we are in good shape.

Accessories – check. I have that one in the bag!

I am so overwhelmed by the whole packing part of this trip, it’s kind of silly!

What are your favorite packing tips? Because I still have to pack for G and for Mike!


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I am so thankful for leftovers this week. I feel like this is the only way I can get my brain in order right now.
  • I thought I was busy before. HA! HAHAHA! I really haven’t given up anything and added a 40+ hour a week job. Awesome sometimes, other times exhausting.
  • Things are going really good.  There has been lots of smiling going on lately.
  • Two year olds are  I am telling you, the things that come out of that girls mouth all day long, it’s insane! She always keeps us laughing.
  • My company offers a lot of fun perks, and I get to take Gianna to Disney on Ice next weekend! SO FUN!
  • We have been having bedtime issues though, it’s a power struggle mostly, but super frustrating.
  • New TV is on! Not that I have time to watch TV, but hey, my DVR is full!
  • My freaking phone is acting up and I need to take it to the store to have it looked at, but honestly, aside from my email and texts randomly going through, it’s kind of nice not to have the distraction.
  • I have come to the realization that for someone who does not like to drive very much, I drive a LOT.
  • We are going apple picking this weekend – so looking forward to trying some new recipes.
  • Tell me about you, what’s new? How are things?
  • Don’t forget to join Danifred, our lovely host!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Memories Suite: GIVEAWAY!

You know I like to take pictures sometimes, right?

Well I do.

Also, I like to use said pictures around my house as well as for all kinds of other projects and gifts.

Which makes My Memories Suite – Amazon’s & TopTen Reviews #1 rated digital scrapbook software just that, SWEET!

It’s a digital scrapbooking software that is user friendly and really just all around easy to use. Also, a time suck because it is so fun creating things.

But there is more than just digital scrapbooking and album making – you can make really fun collages using all of the different elements, digital paper packs and other fun embellishments.

I made this collage to hang in Gianna’s room:


My Memories Suite allows you to save all of your creations in .jpeg format so you can use them with any album making software or photo printer you prefer.

I also made this little birth announcement for one of my BFF’s with a little help from the just in time kit I downloaded (for FREE!) and of course, the two cuties in the picture!

Abby and Zach-001

Another cool thing? All of the digital paper packs and elements you can download from the store – you can even download them for use with other programs, like photoshop.  There are so many kits, it’s hard to choose!

I want EVERYONE to have an opportunity to see how awesome My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbook software erv $40 is (hello! Christmas presents, Christmas cards etc) and you can win one RIGHT NOW!


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Happy Shopping!!!  And Happy Winning!!


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have so many things that run through mind at, oh say 11pm, that I want to blog about. Or in the car on my way to/from work. Or in the shower. Or any other inopportune time when I have no access to the computer.

And then, when I finally feel like I can sit down at the computer – my brain goes blank and all those AWESOME blog topics? Well. They are out to lunch, apparently.

So here is a list of things I am working on to keep myself on track and for some accountability.

  • Some pictures of an itty bitty baby and her big brother
  • Fall fashion (ideas, tips, etc)
  • A really fun review/giveaway
  • Travel tips (as in, I need some)
  • Packing HELP! (as in, HELP! Seriously.)
  • More “she said” posts – the wee one has been quite hilarious lately
  • The schedule battle
  • Holy Crap I Am Starting to Think About Christmas
  • Big girl room = many more house projects than appears on the surface

There it is. Things I owe you. And, you know, some pictures and stuff to go along with all of that fun!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I’m loving ______

I have tried a lot of new things recently and I just wanted to share my new found love of said new things.

  • Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-cups.
  • McDonald’s fruit/oatmeal – it is really tasty.
  • Pintrest – I have tried a few meals and am in the processes of adding some more to our meal plan. Crafts? I have plans in my head that need executed, mainly for Christmas and general decorating.
  • That I got a REALLY positive OPK this month.
  • 2 year old imaginations. I mean seriously, the girl has a lot going on in that little brain of hers.
  • Also, that the 2 year old LOVES ADORES the pink cowgirl hat I got her from TX – she wears it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. While reading, watching movies, playing – just you know, normal stuff with a pink cowgirl hat.
  • My new re-found attraction to my husband.
  • The idea that our vacation-of-a-lifetime is less than 6 weeks away. I can hardly contain my excitement.
  • The friends and people that are in my life – I have been working on making more friend time, and I am so thankful for that.
  • My new sparkly flats.
  • My new vacation clothes.
  • Feeling really cute and put together now that I dress nice for work everyday.
  • Thinking about 5 year anniversary trip ideas!!
  • the skinny-flare pants I have in my wardrobe.

What are you loving right now? Favorite products? Life happenings? What’s up, friends?


Monday, September 12, 2011


A few people mentioned in the comments of my FNL post that I seemed happy.

And it hit me.

I AM happy.


I always try to act happy, but for the past several months, I know that I was not in fact, ACTUALLY happy.  Things made me happy, but in general, no, I really wasn’t.  I simply threw myself into other things (masters degree, huge fundraiser, other projects) so I didn’t have to think about me.

And I never told anyone that.

I went about  my life to the best of my ability, because lord knows it wasn’t going to stop because I was sad.  I just did whatever I needed to do – bills, laundry, parenting, socializing, whatever it was.

It occurred to me at one point that probably, something was a little off. I just didn’t FEEL like me. But, I figured it was because of (insert any life situation here) and once THAT was handled, I would be fine.  But as we all know, things were being piled on faster than they could be taken care of – so that point didn’t really come until recently.

Should I have gone mentioned something? YES.

Why didn’t I? Because I am stubborn.

But life has improved, things are looking good and I am thankful to report that I am back to feeling like ME again. There are still challenges we have to overcome, naturally, but we’re working on it and because I FEEL better about me, I feel much better about all of the things looming ahead n our future.

So thanks for noticing the happy, because you helped me to notice it too.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

She said

When she’s trying to stall:

*Gianna stops to look toward front door*

Me: What are you doing, Gianna?

G: Oh, nuffin, just looking at something ober here.

Me: Oh… what are you looking at?

G: A Raccoon.

*I just stared at her….what in the world?!!*


When finally deciding she wants to eat dinner:

*stops playing outside, pulls princess table over, sits down in chair and crosses her arms in front of her*

G: “I’m ready for my waffle now”

*more staring at her and laughing*

Me: “Sure thing, kid”


While stalling at meal time:

*moves food from one area of her plate to the other*

Me: “what are you doing to your lunch?”

G: “oh. they is sisters. they want to take a nigh-nigh now”

Me: “huh, you don’t say…..”


After she has calmed down from a major meltdown:

G: “I’m sssssssorry, Mommy.”

Me: “Thank you G. What are you sorry for?”

G: “For, like, screamin out. And, like, yellin.” :: statement complete with huge arm movements and serious ‘tude ::

Me: “Okay, I love you. Please tell me mommy when you are mad about things”

G: “Mkay. Can I have a treat?”


On the way to the fair:

G: “We gunna see the aminals?”

Me: “Yea, what animals would you like to see?”

G: “the horsies. and the sheeps. And the llamas – they spit. And they don’t need their coat”

Me: “Won’t they get cold without it?”

G: “Nah, they be good”


everyday she says something that cracks me up. I wish I could put a wire on her to record the hilarity.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I have had so many things I wanted to blog and so little time. hate that!
  • G’s dance class was great yesterday – she was SO excited to go and did really great in class (we can watch them on a closed-circuit TV). The whole thing is very adorable.
  • Things have been so busy lately, it’s hard to keep up sometimes.
  • Have I mentioned that we are going on a big trip soon? LIke less than 45 days, soon? Starting to get PUMPED!!
  • Green Mountain pumpkin spice kcups = ah-maze-ing.
  • Huggies slip-on diapers = less than ah-maze-ing.
  • The only good thing about them is that G thinks they are like underwear. Of course, she still pees in them… so I guess it’s kind of a mute point….
  • The check engine light came on in my car. I think it’s telling me it’s on its last leg….. I just need to hold out until November, fingers crossed it makes it that long.
  • Fantasy Football time!!!
  • I ordered a HUGE picture order from Shutterfly – I am excited to change up some of the pictures on our photo wall!
  • Pinterest has given me about 29572713 decorating ideas. Now if only it could just actually execute those ideas for me, we’d be in business!
  • I am loving my husband right now. It’s super awesome.
  • Very thankful it’s the weekend – I know it was a short week, but man did it feel long.
  • do you have leftovers to share with Danifred and gang? Head on over and link up!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tiny dancer: take 1
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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Life is CAH-RAZY round here.

Our schedules are ridiculous.

And the whole concept of actually talking to/connecting with my husband has been foreign.

A friend of mine recently asked on a message board what helps you to connect with your husband. And I really had to think about that.

As I thought more about it, I realized what I really already knew, that we had disconnected a little bit with our crazy schedules and the nutso life challenges on our plate lately.

So this weekend we had a babysitter Friday night and after we both finished work, we went out for drinks. (I couldn’t believe I stayed awake, let alone went out in public after 11pm!) It was really fun, and something we used to often pre-Gianna. We are big people-watchers and enjoy just sitting, sipping our drinks & talking about everyone we see - so lady with the WAY WAY WAY too tight jean shorts from Friday night – please reconsider next time you want to put those on.

We were able to have dinner with friends on Saturday night, and despite the terrible service, had a great time catching up with everyone. We also ended up childless again thanks to my awesome parents – so we slept in today! And had a quiet morning to ourselves – it was perfect!

We so desperately needed to recharge our relationship and this was the perfect weekend for it. I truly love my husband more than ever, and I needed to remind myself of just why that is. Mission accomplished!

How do you recharge your relationship?


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Love

I get to kiss him good morning.

Laugh at with him.

Have dance parties with him.

7.23  (35)

Smile with him.

Experience life and all of its ups and downs with him.

Stare into his blue eyes.

Watch him evolve into an amazing dad right before my eyes.


And kiss him good night at the end of every day.

I hope this year is the happiest year yet, Mike!

Happy Birthday – Love you x9219411344