Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


sometimes we just need to stop and smell the flowers.

(I took this leaving work one day, the tree was so pretty I couldn’t NOT snap a picture)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

big, green & hairy

I have had a visitor lately that I could seriously do without.

It’s a big, green, hairy, envious jealousy monster.  It has taken on a lot of forms and I really don’t know why.  Don’t get me wrong, I am overall very happy with things right now, but there are a few things that could be different/better/etc.

Job envy:  I have been unhappy with my current place of employment for some time.  It is just not where I want to be professionally and their goals and mine do not align at all.  I see/hear about positions I think I would love but am having trouble finding said positions near where I live!  Also? job hunting takes a lot of time and energy, neither of which I have currently.

House envy: Okay, maybe it’s more like decorating envy.  I am really happy with our new little house but there are so many things I want to do, paint, buy.  Again, these things take time and energy which we know is on short supply.  I am tired of our couch being made up of 2 pillows and a blanket on the ground!

Uterus envy: The obvious question to ask anyone with a one year old is obviously “when are you going to have another?”.  It is also the most obnoxious.  I have been surrounded by a lot of pregnant bellies lately, pregnant bellies that got there “on accident”, “on the first try” and otherwise without stress.  And it’s frustrating because while I would love to get on that bandwagon, it’s not time for us right now.  But it freaks me out too because it was not easy for us to get pregnant (although not as hard as it was for others). 

Wardrobe envy: Why is that when you specifically look for something, you can never find it?  I have been hunting for new summer clothes for months without fail since I am a cool 6 sizes smaller than last summer (yet 1 size bigger than before baby).  I have found a few pieces, but I have been really underwhelmed by what I see in stores.  However I am very overwhelmed by what I see on other people! Where do they get this stuff?

Not trying to sound ridiculous here, but some days I just need to feed the monster and satisfy it for a while.  I know it’s perfectly normal to like what others have, the grass is always greener blah blah blah. 


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


How amazing would it be to live through her eyes and experience her pure happiness? 

I hope joy shines through those baby blues forever.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Better 1 or 2?

I have always had a pretty sleepy baby. 


(aww… tiny sleepy baby asleep with her toys. and burp rag.)

What i mean is, she is moving, playing, talking, dancing, running SO MUCH from the time her feet hit the floor in the morning that she would be napping within 2 hours of wakeup time.  This goes for wakeup in the am and after both naps.  Both naps which were usually between 1 and 2+ hours long.  And bedtime by 7p.  No problems. No fuss. Too easy.

That is, until we moved.

And she decided that napping was for babies.

The hysterical, ridiculous tantrums she throws now when you so much as gesture towards her room are a little comical, but a lot frustrating.

(and no, she still cannot really calm herself down, she screams and cries for a very very long time if no one rescues her)

It has been mentioned to me that maybe she only needs 1 nap.

I balk at this idea, but I am willing to give it a shot if it will prevent my little peanut from turning into the hulk 2-3 times a day.

So, we tried it a few days and guys – she slept like total SHIT.  She went down after lunch (say 11:30) after nearly falling asleep in her grilled cheese, without a problem.  And was awake by say 1.  And ready for another nap by 3:30ish.  DSC_0647

(see the sleepy eyes? this was a 1 nap day. or 1/2 nap as it were)

By ready, I mean when we kept her awake she went to bed at 6:15. and probably could have gone down closer to 5.  She was a walking zombie, klutz actually, since she looses her coordination when she is tired.  When we let her nap @ 3:30, we had to wake her up at 5:30 for dinner.  In my book, this is not ideal.

I personally think she still needs 2 naps.

14 months old + Nonstop craziness = worn out easily.

But how do we help her know that she still needs 2 naps? We have blackout shades for her room which defiantly help.  What else?

Or am I being a really big baby naive here and she can handle 1 nap?  And, if she is only taking 1 nap, how long should it be?

(thankfully, bed time has not been an issue. we still have problems with her staying asleep though, but that is a post for another day)

I keep asking G for directions, in structions, destructions anything to give me the answer on this one – all I get is “Haii mama”  So now I am asking YOU – is she ready for 1 nap? 2 naps? (do not even say no naps, i will faint) And how?!! How do we do it and keep our 7pm bedtime intact?


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Behind every man….

If you know me in real life, or have caught on by reading, there are a lot of girls in my family.


5.9  (38)5.9  (14)

Combine the 2 pictures and you have: 1 grandma, 1 mom, 5 sisters, 1 baby girl.

The ladies have it, hands down.  We are the women behind the men!

But that grandma gave birth to a son, who is my stepdad, Gordon.  Who is Papa to my little girl, lil lil G.  Her name does not start with a G on accident.  He is the best dad I could ever have, or known anyone to have, for that matter.  He might work much more than the average bear, but he knows how to relax when his girl is around.  I have never seen anyone melt in those pretty blue eyes like he does.  It makes my heart happy. 


(i am sure they are plotting who to “pow” next)

Okay, well maybe I have seen someone  else melt when those pretty blue eyes look up at them.  6.12  (1)

Her daddy.

My husband.

Mr. Mom, as he is during the week.  He stays home with her, loves her, provides a well rounded day for her.  He would do anything for his little girl, even if that means buying her miniature sized yoga pants like mommy’s.  Everyday I see him evolve into the kind of dad I always wanted (and now have): hands on, present, in love with his baby girl (& her mama).  It is amazing. And we are lucky that he gets to spend his days with her.

These are the 2 men that I want in my life forever.  That I want in HER life forever. 

Happy fathers day, gentleman – we love you.

You have truly earned your place in our hearts.


Friday, June 18, 2010


Lately my life has been one giant test of willpower.

Let me show you why (in bullet point format, natch):

  • it takes willpower to smile when your entire family is enjoying the pool and soaking up the sun while you are at work.
  • it takes willpower to work 9+hrs a day and study 3+hrs a night.
  • it takes willpower for me to do our laundry knowing that there could be spiders near me. (hell, it took willpower to even type that word….)
  • it takes willpower to NOT stop at the ice cream stand that is 1/2 mile from my house. daily.
  • it takes willpower to stay home every weekend night to work on school work.
  • it takes willpower to NOT want what I don’t have
  • it takes willpower to get up when I hear the baby crying at night and not stay in bed praying she stops on her own
  • it takes willpower not to cry sometimes. over various things, good, bad and otherwise.
  • it takes willpower to not buy new clothes, a new lens for my camera and new shoes – all things I defiantly do not “need”.
  • it takes willpower to look over all the small things that frustrate me and enjoy the big things that make me happy.

It has just been one of those weeks where every day is an uphill climb and the mountain just gets steeper.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday



Pink toenails. A summer staple.


And the Winner is..... (Alternative ABC's Giveaway)

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Monday, June 14, 2010

don’t forget

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear friends, I can not read a calendar.

I always come up with brilliant things to say when I am asleep, driving or have a baby in my hands. Very conducive to writing, yes?  And in case you have never met me – I am forgetful to an extreme degree sometimes.

A perfect example of that extreme forgetfullness?

I am taking summer classes, 2 right now and 1 I was SURE that started in July to give me only 2 classes at a time.  Only I was very obviously not sure, since that class #3 starts tomorrow. Monday. JUNE!

Not a good thing to forget considering that 9 credits is a lot at one time, and even more in the summer when we get to cram 16wks of papers, reading and nonsense into 6, 8 or 10 weeks.

Who needs to finish painting or unpacking or snuggling, eating, sleeping or spending time in the sunshine this summer?

I know I’ll make it through – possibly with less hair and a few more wrinkles but hopefully I’ll have a few weeks “off” before my fall classes start, so that is one bonus of all the madness.

But really? How did I make it 1/2 way through a doctoral degree and 1/2 way to getting a masters degree without being able to read or use a calendar?

I am obviously a functioning forgetter.


Friday, June 11, 2010

1 year olds are self-sufficient, no?

I was watching pictures scroll across my screen savor the other day and was literally amazed at the difference in my tiny girl.  Everyday she looks like the same adorable little girl. And then you compare her with even a month ago, and BAM! She is much more grown up and even more adorable than before.
Also, my 14 month old (today!) is quite independent.  Or so she thinks.

We have been dealing with communication issues – as in – she can’t communicate what she wants with us, so instead she screams, cries and otherwise throws herself on the floor.

Have I mentioned she has a flare for the drama?

We do sign with her, and she can sign to us a few words (more, eat, drink, all done, please)  We are teaching her mostly command signs – up, down, wait, stop, more, all done, please and thank you etc – and she understands almost all of them.  This is good. Unless you aren’t paying attention to her, then cue crying because MAMA and DADA are IG-NOOR-INNNGGGGG MEEEE.

She is really starting to talk. A LOOOOT.  I am greeted every morning with HHAAAIII!  Followed by MAMA  mama  MAAA MA.  she can also say: no-no (complete with head shake), bye bye, wa wa (water), keee (kitty), pretty, puppy, papa (grandpa), daddy, mo (more) and all of the other Gianna language she can come up with.  The girl never stops talking – which is incredibly adorable since she can only a few words. Not sure how adorable it will be when she starts bossing me around….

So, back to the communication problem.  She can sign and say those few things.  But she hasn’t figured out how to do so all that effectively – thus, tantrums. 
Another tuff area for us right now is discipline.  She is redirect-able and does well for her age with boundaries (knowing where she can and can not go/touch etc) but when you tell that girl NO – be prepared for 1 of 2 things. 1, she says “no no” (with head shake) while doing whatever she shouldn’t or 2. the lip quiver followed immediately by crying, then her coming over to you and burying herself in your leg until you pick her up.

We have had a few days of nonstop crying/whining/drama lately and honestly have no clue what to do about it.  Any help/advice etc is more than welcome. *wink wink*

But she is hilarious and will shut the door while playing in her playroom promptly followed by the stink eye and huge giggle when you open the door to check on her. 
It is clear - the girl thinks she is self-sufficient and at the ripe age of 14 months – can run this house all on her own. Except when she can’t open that playroom door back up on her own.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday



One of Gianna’s pictures from her 1st birthday photo shoot. 

 6447944426C98CE667104DD21FA0EDBCSee the rest here, trust me, Tami did a flipping fantastic job!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just call me Rosie

I know I’m late, but I am doing a birthday/memorial day post.

Don’t judge, I’ve been busy!

My birthday was fabulous. I rode around a restaurant on a pony. My husband painted our living/dining room – which was a huge surprise! (it’s not all the way finished, once it is I will show it off). My baby girl snuggled me a lot. And I got to spend time with friends and family.

It was unseasonably, and freaking wonderfully warm last weekend. Which was fabulous since we spent all our time here:

5.30  (62)

Gianna enjoyed her time floating and splashing and sunning her well-sunscreened self.

5.30  (20)

So did me and my un-sunscreened sisters.

5.30  (68)

I got the freaking WORST sunburn on my shoulders/back.  I have not had a sunburn in years because we are blessed with Italian heritage and therefore lovely tanning skin. Except when you are pale and then spend 2 days in 90* sunshine without sunscreen. Then, you get a sunburn.

5.31  (6)

Gianna was shocked at my utter disregard for my skin. Also, she was not feeling bad for me and making sure I learned my lesson by pinching my shoulders every time I picked her up.

5.31  (34)

You can kinda see my ridiculous tan lines, or rather lobster lines as they should have more accurately been referred.

I am happy to report that I have itched and peeled and now my shoulders are tan. Thank you mother for being Italian.   Now I need to stay in the sun, with sunscreen, to maintain and enhance my tan-ness.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alternative ABC’s :GIVEAWAY

We love books in our house.


I was contacted by Sarah of Ammobooks (via Buisness2Blogger) to review an awesome new book.

I wanted to see what Gianna thought of her new book.


A new house AND a new book?! My lucky day!

We sat down to read this incredibly illustrated book.



please don’t mind my bed head. it’s been a long few days.

We flipped through the pages and read about how E is for earthday and V is for vegetarian.

DSC_0387 DSC_0388

This book is hugely different from any of the other boring old A is for Apple ABC books we already have. The binding is sturdy (Gianna tested it out for you all). The colors & illustrations are stimulating.  It gives us new words to learn and great pictures to look at.  This has quickly become a new favorite in our house.



We want to share this rocking book with all of you!

Tell me what “alternative” thing you would use in an ABC book to win!

Mine is O is for Oreos – totally unoriginal, but you can’t go wrong with an Oreo….

Extra entries (leave a separate comment for each, even if you are already awesome and doing one of the following):

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Entries accepted through June 14th 11:59a – winner will be notified by email, so make sure you leave a valid addy!

This will make a perfect gift for all the rock star kids and kids-in-the-making out there.

ALTABCcover Copyright: © 2010

Available wherever books are sold June 2010.



**book provided to me by Ammo for review/giveaway. All opinions & pictures are my own unless otherwise noted**

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So much to say, so little time

yet another whoa-is-me post from yours truly about how I have so much to say and so little time to say it in.

But GUYS! I do have such little time. And

I just edited lots of adorable pictures. I need to upload them, soon.

Also, I need to make a cute “we moved” announcement to email to our family/friends. What are the etiquette rules on that?

And, my house? Looks like an episode of Hoarders. Seriously, it may be considered a fire hazard.

But, the school is taking over my life. My 2 classes right now are more time consuming than pretty much all of the ones from the last 2 semesters combined. And I don’t like it. It is summer. I want sunshine. (which I got this weekend, along with a flipping sunburn. I forgot just how much those hurt….) 

It will all be okay soon, I am sure.  I have a handle on the school work, for today. It is a lot, but it will all get done.  The unpacking will happen, eventually.  Once our upstairs is all the way painted some things can finally go on the walls and organization can take place.

I have been trying hard to make time for my happy, giggly, defiant daughter (more to come on the defiant part) and my helpful, handsome husband in between all of the things above. And time for you of course, my bestest internets.

Stay tuned Friday for a book giveaway! A kids book, actually, very fun. Very rock star like.


Wordless Wednesday


officially summer.