Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have all these lists everywhere:


And most days, I do pretty good and get everything done.

Some days I do not.

The days I get the most done I get out of my PJ’s, put on real clothes, do my hair (i.e., put it up in a nicer ponytail) and put on some jewelry. 

What is it about getting dressed and put together that makes me more productive?

What makes YOU more productive?  I could still use some tips on this….

6447944426C98CE667104DD21FA0EDBC(for the record, it is 1:30, still in my jammies but have been semi productive today. let’s see what some jeans and a sweater do for that this afternoon….)


JJ said...

Oo busted...I stay in PJ's some days and do get things done, BUT I agree--the days I at least match my clothes and put mascara on--I tend to be more productive.
Love the lists--got 'em here too! :)

Kakunaa said...

I need someone here. Honestly. Otherwise I have to just make up my mind in the morning to get my ass in gear. Because I would rather be a bum.

Danifred said...

Honestly, I make a ton of lists, but don't get really productive until I'm overloaded and feel like I HAVE to get something off my plate just to survive. I suck like that.

Mel said...

For some reason, I stopped being a "listy" gal when I lost my office job. Since I've been at home full time, I find that my brain operates completely differently.

Morning exercise generally makes for the most productive day ever. I also make sure that I have stuff that has to be done (letters to the post office, dry cleaning, laundry, etc) ALL OUT IN PLAIN SIGHT because the sight of it forces me to do it timely. I have become a start-to-finish person. I don't let the laundry sit in the dryer anymore or the dishes in the dishwasher. I just make it a point to finish everything immediately. It makes life easier!

Rebecca said...

I get up before the Crazies almost every morning (definitely every morning during the week), shower, get dressed, and drink my coffee while reading blogs. I get my alone time and I'm ready to face the day! It always makes me feel more productive...I just can't do it without my shower.