Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • This has been a long, semi productive week
  • Gianna is flipping hilarious, the things she says and does right now freaking
  • Why do I always compose AWESOME blog posts in my head while driving or trying to sleep and then forget how awesome they are by the time I can get to the computer.
  • Some days I feel like just sitting on the couch all day and doing nothing because I am frustrated. But what good will that do? It’s certainly not going to make things better, so I just pick myself up and move ahead.
  • On another note, my laundry has never been so up to date and my kitchen hasn’t been this clean in a long time, woot!
  • As shitty as life seems right now, honestly, it is pretty okay.
  • Getting a little excited for christmas, already. So against my normal protocol of waiting until after thanksgiving to start with this stuff I have already bought some presents for G.
  • hoping to sell some jewelry tonight, we shall see.
  • Keep my friend Jen’s daughter in your thoughts tonight, she has been really sick and dehydrated so they are keeping her in the hospital for another night.


As always – join Danifred to spill your leftovers too.


Rebecca said... can't sit around your house frustrated and do housework! That's against the rules! My kitchen is a mess and there are 2 loads of laundry downstairs, but I'm still not getting my A$$ off the couch! You cheated! Buying presents is so fun, isn't it?

Kakunaa said...

My house is an absolute disaster, stop showing me up, LOL. I may have to joing in this leftovers thing :)

Jeni said...

Found you via Danifred...also in the Christmas spirit early this year and did some shopping today. Seems that it is upon us before we know it!

Danifred said...

Hey, me too with Christmas! I think the kids definitely make it more fun!
And, I hear you on the awesome blog posts in my head. It's a shame it doesn't translate to the computer.