Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday hangover

After any big event there is always that hangover period.

Right now we are in the midst of holiday hangover - toys are everywhere, random toy packaging and wrapping paper scraps are hiding behind every corner and cookies still seem to count as an acceptable breakfast food. 

We had a truly wonderful Christmas celebrating with our family - and as a family of four (which still blows my mind). Gianna is at such a fun age - she loves everything and enjoyed opening wash rags and socks just as much as toys. With the exception of her Saige doll - that was (thank goodness!) the most favorite thing. 

She was also a very gracious gift giver - she was so so excited to watch everyone open the gifts she carefully picked for them. I wish I had gotten a picture of her face while the gift she gave was being opened - it was so joyful and innocent. And she was careful not to spill the secret until it was being unwrapped - I got you a .... She would squeal as the recipient opened up the gift!

Aleesia enjoyed eating the boxes and packaging the most, as expected! She had a long day but was super fun!


I am working at home (was supposed to be vacation days, but oh well) and enjoying the holiday hangover - pjs, cute girls, catching up on long neglected laundry, testing out the new toys, etc. 

Tell me about your celebration! And enjoy the holiday hangover as much as you can - 2014 is going to be here in a quick hurry!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Just drowning in busyness and cuteness over here. Substantial thoughts are forthcoming, but for now I leave with you with some cuteness!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Social media isn’t real life

With the end of the year and holiday season approaching at warp speed it also seems like the feelings overwhelmed and underprepared start to get a little out of control. I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way.  No matter how hard I try to be prepared and organized and ahead of the game, I am just not. 

Normally, I would be all OHMYGAWDOVERWHELMED and wine:thirty all the time.

But my Type-A-ness has mellowed out over the past few months.  I don’t know how it happened or why, but it did. And I AM SO GLAD! I still live in a to-do-list and spreadsheet world so that I can attempt to remember all the things (and I still don’t actually remember them all). But I don’t get as bent out of shape if all the things aren’t done by the end of the day.  There are some things that can get under my skin (dishes in the sink at night) but overall, I feel much calmer and less stressed. 

I have noticed and overheard conversations lately about women being so stressed about everything from the right teacher gift to organization of toys to how do you keep your house clean all the time and find time for extensive (expensive) activities with your family.  Look ladies, we can only do so much in one day and we should all remember that whatever you see on social media isn’t real life.

Not too many people are posting pictures of their huge piles of unfolded laundry, cluttered kitchen countertops, dirty bathroom sinks and played-in playrooms on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  Blue box mac & cheese and ramen noodles are two of my favorite things to eat. Gianna usually ends up eating yogurt or applesauce for dinner every night.  I pay attention to what kind of food I buy but not THAT close of attention – I am not paying $10 for organic oranges, I am just not doing it!  I wouldn’t know how to cook or what to do with quinoa and I really have no idea how to pronounce it. Bedtime has been chaotic lately – sometimes we get it just right but mostly it’s madness.

People don’t usually post statuses or whatever about the 15 minutes they spent negotiating with their four year old to come out from under the table and eat her dinner. Or about their gourmet mac & cheese out of the box that they made for dinner. I could post all kinds of crazy stuff that goes on every single day that isn’t social-media worthy and I am sure you could too.

It used to make feel very, inadequate I guess, when I would browse my favorite social media sites – we have a very small house, I work and have a long commute, there isn’t time for an advent activity calendar as much as I wish there was, I think it is totally awesome that you might have done a “12 days of christmas” teacher gift extravaganza but I am going with a target gift card, because TARGET! (and I don’t have time, energy, or quite honestly the funds to pull such an admittedly cool gift together!) there is no way I could spend two hours at the gym every day even if I want too and you guys – I am constantly drowning in laundry and dishes and toys.

But I don’t feel inadequate anymore at all – because this is my life.  I give myself grace and really, I count it all joy. All of the imperfections are still perfect to me. Whatever I didn’t get done today, will be there tomorrow and whatever went wrong today I get a chance to do over when I wake up. My kids still think I am cool even when I am grumpy or exhausted.  I still think my husband is awesome even when he doesn’t wipe off the kitchen counter.  I stay up too late every night and wake up late for work every morning – it is what it is (I really should work on this one though…)  I am just learning to love life for what it is, not for what I wish it was or wish I had (but I really do wish someone would deep clean the whole house and organize the basement for me).

Social media isn’t always (usually!) real life – because real life isn’t always (usually!) that exciting, but it is always pretty real – good, bad and otherwise.  Try hard not to judge yourself against your facebook friends or twitter feed  and just do things the way you want (need) and it will all be wonderful.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Swaddlers First winner!


Randi – you are comment 5!

I just need your email address so you can claim your prize!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Preschooler Problems {#186: boots with the fur}

Gianna is my little fashionista, or something like that.  She wears what she wants and refers to it as her “Gianna style” which I actually have grown to embrace.  Probably because embracing it avoids many tears and morning frustrations.

Anyway, we were in the car the other day talking about her boots and our conversation went like this:

Gianna: Mommy, I don’t think I like these boonts anymore.

Me: Oh, why not? Are they too small?

Gianna: No, they don’t have the fur all the way around and to the bottom.

Me: Yes they do…

Gianna: NO! They have a button on the side, see it? SEE IT? (she yells at me when I can’t turnaround to look at her rightthisminute because I am you know, DRIVING!)

Me: Okay, what’s wrong with a button?

Gianna: I want the kind with the fur all the way around and to the bottom. You know what I am talking about don’t you mommy? (not a cluee…) You know, like my friend C at school has – kind of like these ones wif no button.

Me: (I finally think I know what she is talking about) Like your brown ones that are too small?

Gianna: Kinda, except I want boonts like C has – wif the tag on the back that says UGGS.

Me: You are not telling me that your friend has Uggs…..

Gianna: Ya mommy, they have a tag on them and they have fur all the way around and to the bottom.

Me: proceeds to tell her why she can not have UGGS at 4 years old and about how it doesn’t matter if your boots have a tag on them or not blah blah blah


I can’t believe I just had a conversation about UGGS and that my PRESCHOOLER just name-branded me. I mean, I expected this nonsense eventually but not in preschool! Clearly the 4 year old fashion world is evolving very quickly and we are NOT keeping up.  And I don’t really care – your target brand boots with the fur are juuuuust fine, my darling!

Monday, December 2, 2013

More firsts

It seems appropriate that so many first have been going on here lately, given the entire post I wrote about first year firsts just the other day. (there is a giveaway there, go enter!)

I am not sure I could have used the word first any more in that sentence.

Moving on!

I think I forgot to mention that our first born got her ears pierced, after much begging, with her bestie the other day! I am glad I waited until this was her idea (she has been BEGGING for weeks!)because she reminds me that her ears need cleaned every day, which I know I would forget if I had to remember on my own.  And she has “kitty hello” earrings, such a cool chick!


I ran my first turkey trot (in super freezing cold weather!) on thanksgiving. It really wasn’t that bad at all, and I am pretty sure the cold motivated me to run faster than normal - I’m not fast at all, so I’ll take any extra seconds off my time I can get!

Aleesia enjoyed her first thanksgiving.

11.28  (11)11.28  (16)<—this is what happens when I try to take their picture!

Gianna wrote out table cards for everyone and decided where each person should sit, she is becoming such a young lady these days!

11.28  (40)11.28  (45)

Our weekend continued with me taking Gianna to the movies for the first time. We saw Frozen which is ADORABLE!

Aleesia had been stuffy (again again again, she’s always stuffy!) and generally crabby so we took her to the doctor, first ear infection.

Followed up on Sunday with her first stomach virus. (honestly. I had no idea a 10 month old could vomit so much at one time.)

It was a super fun end to the holiday weekend up in here! (but overall, we did have a fun weekend)

I also got a little surprise in my inbox today:


Looks like I’ll be adding “first half marathon” to my list of 2014 firsts.  No backing out or slacking on training now!  I honestly did not think I would be selected (no one else I know who registered was selected) so I am a little shocked, nervous, mostly excited though.  It’s something I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time and no time like the present, right?