Thursday, November 11, 2010


I need to ask my most awesome bloggy friends for some help.

Hair help.

You see, my hair has been all over the map the past 3 years.

Have a look: spring 2007- LONG hair!

 summer 2007- short hair

 winter 2008-medium and curly

spring 2008 -short and straight (and dark)

 summer 2008- shorter & curly

 spring 2009- medium, dark

(I am the large sober blue balloon in this picture…)

 thanksgiving 2009 – more of the same boring hair

 October 2010 – longer boring hair

So you see, my hair has been all kinds of things but right now the only thing it is is in a ponytail pretty much every single day.

I can’t decide how I like it, so help me! Which way do you like better? What DIFFERENT way/color could I do my hair?


(also, looking back at old pictures is kind of fun)

((until you realize that you still wear the same clothes from 3 years ago))

(((but you looked better in them 3 years ago then you do now)))

((((also realized that I spent most of 2007 in some sort of alcoholic state. and with lots of friends. GOOD TIMES!))))


Esperanza said...

Ah the hair question. I'm not sure what advice to give but I can say I'm in the same situation. I just grew my hair out and I was going to do something shoulder length but now that I'm past the awkward "I have wings!" phase I'm not sure I want it that length. I could never cut it again, after how hard it's been to get it this far but I have no idea what to do. I'm worried I'll go back to long, which means pony tails. Yes pony tails at 30. But that is what I've always done... hmmm sorry I can't give much advice but it's fun to commiserate! I do like the shorter styles a lot, so maybe something shorter? Good luck!

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

I like your hair in the summer 2007 photo. Maybe you could cut it like that but even shorter and darker. Whatever you do, have fun.

And I've had a gazillion different hair lengths so my theory is that it's just hair and will grow back if you don't like it!

Danifred said...

I like the summer 2007 hair. The highlights are awesome!
I wear the same clothes from approximately forever ago, mostly because I suck like that!

JJ said...

Summer 07 is my favorite--but you seriously have it goooood--your hair looks good in ALL of the pictures!

Miss K said...

I'm going to have to go with summer 2007..... It looks good in all of the photos, though!

Rebecca said...

I'm a fan of Summer the highlights (those are highlights, right? Because if that happens to you naturally, I can't be your friend anymore)!

Anonymous said...

I like summer of 2007 too.