Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The problem with communication

I love being able to connect with people via the internet – be it email, facebook, twitter, message boards, all of the above etc.

I love it especially because I do NOT like to talk on the phone. Like at all.  I think my last job really put me over the edge because I spent 80% of my day on the phone for one reason or another.

I am not always an awesome communicator, I know this. I am working on it.  My husband is also not always an awesome communicator.  We both kind of shut down when we are stressed out.  Imagine the tension and bickering going on lately, it’s stress city over here.  But he can read my body language, he can hear HOW I say things (which, tends to say a lot more than the actual words coming out of my mouth) and he can ask me if he doesn’t understand what I say/mean.

But here’s the thing.

When you communicate with people by writing – something gets lost in translation.

Like, maybe I think the way you typed something is bitchy but you meant it to be funny.  Or maybe you were really trying to offend me. Whatever.  Maybe I think you are being a whiner but you are really sad or frustrated about something and just need to type it out.

For some reason, I have felt like people are just being mean and nasty towards one another over the internet lately. To the point where it would be better for me to stay away from it because I am going to take something the wrong way, hurt someone’s feelings (not on purpose), type something wrong, not get my intonation across correctly, start a debate that wasn’t intended – you get the point. Drama.

When I vent a frustration related to looking for a job, I am not saying that I rule the world and should be paid a million dollars.  I am saying that I am frustrated and am not sure how to overcome this obstacle -  trying to stay positive about the employment search is hard.  If I ask a question or make a statement about something I am constantly concerned over if it will be interpreted as I intended it too.  I actually have tried not to post anything in these different mediums lately because I don’t want to (unintentionally) start shit with people.

I like scientific writing, I am good at it. It is straight forward. No room for interpretation.  No drama possible, unless you don’t like the evidence, then do your own experiment!

Does anyone else ever feel this way? Like you just need a break from the internet*?


*by internet I mean everywhere except twitter, my blog and email….


renee said...

lol. oh i feel like that all.the.time. it's one of the reasons i havent blogged in a while. I'm just so sick of the crap. I hate ppl going over my every word just trying to FIND SOMETHING to be bitchy about. And I'm tired of being nothing but nice to some people and having them turn around and be complete ass holes to me for no reason. Ugh. it's incredibly frustrating! and I TOTALLY understand!! but remember, you always have MEEEE! :-) btw can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! (NO DRAMA ALLOWED! lol)

Tricia said...

Trust me... I feel as though things are ALWAYS getting mis-interpreted via the internet. Unfortunately, it's what our society is moving towards, whether we like it or not.

I'm back to blogging and would love if you stop on over here in the next few days :-)

Danifred said...

Absolutely, that is why I deactivated my FB account for a few days this past week. It frustrates the crap out of me.

Kakunaa said...

It is so many things can be taken the wrong way without the inflection of voice, a quirky grin, a wink. Body language plays such a huge role.

Anonymous said...

this is why I'm the only person I know under the age of 40 who doesn't have a Facebook account. Virtual drama is not something I need.

Rebecca said...

Yes, I get what you're saying and it is so annoying. That being said, I'm probably the one who writes things to be funny, but they come out bitchy...then I have to explain myself so no one's "feelings" will get hurt and end up looking like an ass b/c I'm over-explaining myself!

JJ said...

Yes, and I take an internet break every now and then--some days I really want to hit delete on the FB account.
Was someone mean to you about the job search?!