Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I am making my first (second and third) etsy purchases and I am totally stoked about it!!
  • Looks like summer 2007 hair is the winner (since every.single.person liked it best – thanks for weighing in!).  Now to save up a few extra bucks to get it cut and colored.
  • Gianna is a dancing machine. Her and Mike had their own private dance party in the basement yesterday, Mike was mixing music and G was shaking it. It was too funny.
  • When can I sign her up for dance class? She is going to LOVE it.
  • The new favorite phrases in this house are: “um on” (come on), “uuuh oooh” and “dance dance”.
  • We have also been “singing” a lot, twinkle twinkle and justin beiber’s “baby” are big hits – she walks around saying '”bay-buh bay-buh bay-buh. DANCE!” Funny girl.
  • I am trying to get the video I took off my phone and it’s not working.
  • If you have a droid incredible, does it stay “on” when you have it plugged in?  Is there a way so it doesn’t do that?
  • Also if you have a droid, there is an adobe photoshop express app – it’s awesome!
  • Our November weekends are totally booked again.  Mike said I need to ask him before I plan so much stuff because it doesn’t sound “fun” to him…. Um, it will  be fun for the wee one, so it’s okay, no?  I should plan something fun for just the 2 of us… we could use that. Ideas???
  • Thanks to Mel’s awesome comment about being productive, not only am I a list maker (and list cross-er-off-er), I have been finishing everything I started. Like folding AND putting away the laundry.  It was a great suggestion.
  • My start to finish project today? Getting all of the donating/selling/consigning stuff out of my basement and to it’s respective new home. Very excited to get rid of these boxes!!
  • Join Danifred to participate in FNL, it’s super fun!



Rebecca said...

Our gym offers dance classes at age 2. Hailey would be in it right now if Knee hadn't ruined my life!

I always run our activities past Husband for two reasons: first, to make him feel involved and second, to avoid conflicts of interest. He's typically more than happy to do something for the kids, but not dedicate the whole weekend to it. I get that.

Have a great weekend!!!

Danifred said...

We had to wait until Tot was 3 to join dance class, and she adores it! I wish we could send Bean sooner because she's also a dancing machine!

Anonymous said...

You need to consult me before you make your date night to make sure I am free to babysit! I call her this time!! She is wayy over due for aunt jacqui time!