Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am sure this is going to be the 29472 post about thanksgiving you are going to read today.

So let’s mix it up.

I am forever thankful to my family (all of them) for their support and general awesomeness.  I am thankful for the unexpected things that happen, because while they may be frustratingly tough to get through, they provide opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

But let me share what I am REALLY thankful:

  • Coffee. With yummy flavored creamers (peppermint mocha currently)
  • Jewelry for making me look pretty. And long necklaces for making me look skinny.
  • My sparkly zebra print flats.
  • Post it notes
  • My Nikon.
  • Wine.
  • To-do lists.
  • My favorite pen.
  • The pink fuzzy blanket my sister made for me several years ago.
  • OPI nail polish.
  • My internet friends!
  • My mom’s mashed potatoes. Cheesy potatoes. Okay, all of the food she makes, really.

Hope everyone enjoys their feast today (or whenever you eat it), no one gets mauled doing their black friday shopping and that there is little drama at your holiday events.



Rebecca said...

Happy t-giving!

Tricia said...

I'm thankful for all those things as well! Well... Maybe not exactly, but you get the idea!
Hope you had a great thanksgiving! Stop by to see my secret :-)

Danifred said...

I totally forgot to add my Sharpie pen to my list!

JJ said...

Thankful for YOU!

Truly, I hate that we both have been in "funks" lately with the job search, but I am so incredibly thankful we've been able to be there for each other--have really appreciated your friendship! xoxo