Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Last week I had some requests for Gianna in action.

11.29  (1)

And by action, they meant doing something besides being really adorable like crying or throwing her self on the floor.

11.29  (2)

Because it does happen here. At least once a day.

11.29  (4)

and you are met with the above blur of motion paired with screaming and crying. Also known as a temper tantrum a la Gianna.



Kakunaa said...

LOL. So she ISN'T perfect. Still adorable even when rolling around, though. :)

Danifred said...

I couldn't have named that action a mile away. Oh, I know it so well!

Kakunaa said...

I am leaving you an award :)

Rebecca said...

Cah-ute!!! Even the temper tantrum (even though I'm sure you feel differently)!