Sunday, January 9, 2011

I told you there would be video

I know, videos are kind of a pain in the ass. 

But for real you guys, this is CUTE!  Remember the last one I posted? No? I would watch it because again, CUTE!

But, I SUCK at taking video so it’s all shaky and ridiculous.  I apologize for any nausea, vomiting or vertigo that may be caused. Also? I have no clue why it is sideways and not vertical….

So, try and ignore all that and wait for the shaking, wiggling and raising of the roof. 

Girlfriend has moves, I am telling you!



Esperanza said...

Very cute! It's probably sideways because you took it that way to get her since she's standing up. You have to find some kind of software to rotate it. iMovie rotates it but if you have a PC I don't know what you should use. All I know is QuickTime does NOT rotate video. You might be able to do it in YouTube, I usually use Vimeo, which does rotate video, but I don't know about YouTube.

Anonymous said...

maybe we will have another dance party saturday...

Danifred said...

Someone definitely has some awesome moves!

Rebecca said...

"Shake" was the best part!