Thursday, January 13, 2011

Picky Picky Picky

I know I have talked about how picky my kid is.

And I really do get that it’s a sort of normal toddler thing.


This is just ridiculous.

I have tried serving her food on big people plates, in muffin tins, in silly shaped dishes. with silverware. without silverware. With dips, without dips. In her highchair and at the table. 

She won’t be swayed by  my creative tactics, people.

I mean, she will eat. Crackers, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, muffins and fruit.  Sometimes she’ll eat pizza and grilled cheese. She devours yogurt and applesauce.  anything else? I get an adamant NO!

She doesn’t even touch the food. Getting it to her mouth is a HUGE accomplishment.  It happened once with a carrot stick. But she took one bite and spit it out.  If she eats her whole meal she gets a cookie.  She gets a cookie about once a week, when we have breakfast or chicken nuggets for dinner.

I SO understand why people just give in and feed their kids what they want to eat. 

I don’t fight with her over food (I don’t have the energy for it!) If she doesn’t eat, she doesn’t eat. she has to sit at the table until everyone is finished (not always fun) with their meals. She doesn’t get anything else to eat.

And you guys? SHE DOES NOT CARE! She’ll just be hungry (or maybe she isn’t?) and stubborn and WILL NOT TOUCH THE FOOD NO MATTER WHAT.

It makes a girl dread meal times. I love meal planning and all. But it feels pointless to come up with new meal ideas, because I am the only one eating usually.

Ooof. I hope that with year 2 comes reasoning skills…..



Anonymous said...

I cannot speak to the not eating because my son has been a huge eater of all things put in front of his face since 9 months...however as of late (he'll be 2 in April) he prefers to eat standing on the "tool" (step stool) in the kitchen. He stands on this stool to help us prepare meals and now wants to eat on it too. Whatevs....we can eat at the bar and be closer to him than at the table, so it's fine. As long as he's eating!

alison said...

This is mainly assvice, but just based on things my friends have gone through with their picky eaters. Mainly they say not to make eating emotional - for you or for her. So if she's not eating, just take her plate and say "ok, all done". If she doesn't want the main meal you made - then try not to let it eat at you (no pun intended ;). I try to always give B one item per meal that I know he'll eat, just so he has something - a banana or yogurt, or a nutrigrain bar. But not all his faves all at once.

I was massively stressed around 12mo when B was picky. It was ugly. And thankfully he kind of moved through that.

Hopefully it's just a phase and she'll be a rockstar eater very soon. :)

Danifred said...

We used to have 2 great eaters, but over time, they've gotten more picky. I just keep trucking along, attempting to introduce new foods to no avail.

Rebecca said...

Wait...did you just ask for reasoning skills? God, that's why I love ya!

Hailey is so picky. I, too, offer one thing that I know she'll eat. She refuses most fruits or veggies, so I started a vitamin this year too.

It is so frustrating...keep at it. Matt used to hate broccoli, but I started calling it trees and him a giant and now he devours it! What gives?

Anonymous said...

OMG she sounds JUST like my daughter!!! Oh wait, that's you Andrea ...... you shouldn't expect anything different ...... she is just like you were until you were 25!!!! Have you ever eaten a hamburger ????????????