Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Another Friday where I am thankful for Danifred and the leftovers. Lots of random going on in my head lately.
  • Today I set up a timeline to complete my thesis. I will be presenting it on April 27th. Holy shit batman, it is going to be a crazy ride.
  • I am glad, however, to have everything on the calendar. Deadlines set. Etc. Etc. It honestly makes my head hurt a little less knowing what is coming next.
  • Disney “sin-aaaa-longs'” have taken over. Cute, but not. At least she dances to them.
  • Speaking of dancing, we are going to do a dance party “theme” for her birthday! Need to figure out what that means exactly aside from there being music and balloons.
  • Some sort of sickness has been going through our house, G and I are both sick enough to be slightly miserable yet still functional. I would prefer one extreme or the other.
  • I have really enjoyed reading your comments from yesterdays post. Keep ‘um coming.
  • This weekend going into next week is going to be crazy. But I am ready for it.
  • I must start our taxes soon. They are going to be a bitch do do this year and I should really stop putting it off.
  • I know I promised there was exciting news and such coming the other day – it is probably only exciting to me, but I am building my own little team of jewelry lady’s and it is very fun! That’s all. Not hit the lottery exciting, but a small step.
  • The freelance company I work for has had shit to write. It sort of pisses me off, but not, because I have enough work (although non-paying work) to keep me busy at the moment. But still, frustrating.
  • My shoe rack, the one that holds over 50 pairs of shoes, broke today. Not sure what I am going to do (besides buy a new shoe rack that is more durable) about it, but Gianna is in HEAVEN. HEAVEN I tell you – the way her face lit up when she saw all of those shoes on the floor you would have thought Cinderella herself was standing in front her her. She spent a good 15 minutes (until I drug her upstairs) trying on different shoes saying “ta da”. Hilarious for sure.
  • Please keep my friend JJ (and her hubs Mook!) in your thoughts – their little man, O, is in the hospital with RSV and a bacterial blood infection. All thoughts and prayers are appreciated.
  • I am going to be drinking some wine tonight, I hear it helps sore throats. Or at least lets you forget you have a sore throat….



Cara G. said...

Showing some love for the leftovers! Love the idea of a Dance Party theme! That should be fun! Taxes...blech! Wine sounds good! I will be having a glass (or 3) tonight as well! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am going to be drinking some wine tonight too. I hear it's good for forgetting about the crazy work week.

Thinking about O-Man too....

The Tompkins Family said...

50 pairs of shoes??!! Consider me jealous!

Laura said...

I'm impressed with your calendar and your shoes!

I have heard a similar thing about the wine. :)

Erin said...

Love, love the dance party theme! It's so original and seems perfect for your daughter! Maybe you could do something with disco balls and lots of bright fun colors,leg warmers etc or make it more ballet inspired with tutus, ballet shoes and lots of light matter what you do it will be super cute! We are working on Liana's party now too :) Love,love,love reading everything you write!

Danifred said...

There is some serious funk going on in our house too. Ugh.

I love the dance party idea... too bad Tot is a mosh pit kind of dancer.

Kakunaa said...

Dance Party :) Do you have any sort of a video game console? There is a game (the name of which escapes me, but that's what Game Store people are for!) that's JUST for dancing! Or videos, I'm sure with kid's dancing. It's a great idea!

Taxes: I'm dreading this. Hubby was independent last year, and we didn't have the ability to put money aside, so right now we just hope we balance out and don't owe. Eeep! Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Broken shoe rack definitely sounds like a good time

Can't wait to hear more about the jewelry!