Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friends inside the computer

Staying with the NaBloPoMo theme of friends, I have to talk about my awesome friends inside the computer. And all over the country (world?)

It is twentyeleven, folks.  The days of meeting your next best friend at the grocery store, corner market or play ground are pretty much over.  Everyone is freaked by, well, everyone else.  Or too nervous to say “hey!” to the normal looking person in aisle 3. (me included, although I say hi to lots of strangers because I like it) ((does that make me the creepy girl in aisle 3?))

So how do we make friends as adults? 

We meet them inside the computer.

On facebook.

On Twitter.

Through blogs, message boards, forums and all the other social media formats that exist.

And  you guys?

These are, honest to goodness, some of my closest friends.  Friends that I would do anything for, hands down. That have been there for me when others were not. that offered hugs and encouragement through email, text messages, twitter shout outs and all that jazz.  It is amazing how well I know people I have never met (and they know me), how much I trust them and honestly care for them.  Kind of fun too because they tend to offer much more objective, outside the box opinions when I really need them – and I like that.  I wish I could have coffee, playdates, girls nights with those people more than the friends who I met outside the computer sometimes. 

What is really fun about friends inside the computer, is that sometimes they become friends outside the computer too.  I have been really lucky to make some really REALLY good friends this way, that live close to me and that we hang out with on the regular.  It’s fun.  But we will talk about the outside the computer friends on a later day.

Tell me about your inside the computer friends.  Do you love them as much as I do?

Thanks, inside the computer friends, for being so awesome!



alison said...

I love inside the computer friends!

p.s. you are one! ;)

Kakunaa said...

I love how you refer to us :) I can't imagine my life without all of you anymore.

renee said...

I love inside the computer friends! (and REALLY miss those that we used to have in common but don't anymore b/c I'm an asshat). You are so right, that sometimes they have the best insight into things that your regular friends don't.
btw I'm totally the creepy aisle 3 girl. but not just at hte grocery store...everywhere. you know me, i'm a chatty cathy. And I think that no one will ever make any friends at all if we're all too afraid of looking weird. So I'm constantly chatting up parents at preschool events and the park etc etc.

Danifred said...

I love, love, love my bloggy friends. I just hope that some day very soon I'll be able to meet lots of them soon.
It's amazing how much support that once complete strangers can provide.

Esperanza said...

I just wrote in a post how the only person who guessed my big secret was a blogging buddy. I really do believe a friend you've never "met" can be a better friend than one you've known all your life.

Dayna golden said...

I really like to have computer friends, through blogs, twitter and facebook. I am a stay at home mom and I feel like it is my connection to the outside world. I don't post often but I enjoy reading your blog and twitter posts and the pictures are always a bonus!!

Rebecca said...

Some of my favorites are inside the computer...after all, my "real" friends don't read my blog or email me anymore. Guess I bored the crap out of them with my constant hilarity!

Mama Reg said...

great blog. i honestly dont know what i would do without you, my other computer friends, blogs to read, blogging, a place to be social. i have NO IDEA how moms did it before the internet lol...

Sara said...

Oh yes, we do have some great computer friends, that has been proven lately, hasn't it?

JJ said...

So so so glad we have become better blog buds this year--very thankful for you!!

JenM said...

I'm happy to be your in the computer and out of the computer friend! I agree though, it is like the new way to meet people.