Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Does the snow and cold bring out the worst in kids?  It has been a long few days here.  Not all bad, just TRYING!
  • In C-bus for the night at a Premier Designs jewelry RALLY! Excited to hang with some inspiring women and see the NEW SPRING LINE!
  • Wanna book a show or see a catalog? I’ll hook you up ; )
  • toddlers are such fickle creatures. they want up, then down. A cracker, NO! a banana, I mean OGRIT!! (yogurt, for those who don’t speak Gianna). Silly silly kids.
  • I found out that my former employer is struggling with out me. That makes me smile inside, but it makes me really sad for the patients there. The disorganization and moronic ideas only effect the people they serve negatively and I know they don’t see that.
  • Gianna has been going through another HUUGE language explosion.  We are talking in sentences people. Clear, coherent sentences. 4,5 and 6 words long. WOAH!
  • She also uses pronouns appropriately. It’s pretty sweet.
  • We have been dealing with SERIOUS diaper rash lately. (by we, I mean Gianna) This is new to us - I literally just finished the same tube of Desitin we opened when she was BORN! I have moved on to butt paste, but it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference. Any ideas?  She has some blisters on her bum and it looks like it hurts. Poor girl.
  • Speaking of diapers - if one more person asks about potty training I am going to scream! I am in NO hurry for this adventure. And neither is G, since it is obvious it does not bother her one bit to have a dirty diaper. She doesn't even notice!
  • Also? I haven't been able to go to the bathroom alone in a very long time.  She ALWAYS has to come in with me. It is even to the point in the mornings that she HAS to sit on my lap. OHEMMGEE is it one of the wierdest things I have ever done....
  • My head is still spinning in a million directions, but it seems to be slowing down some. Or I am getting used to the crazy.


Delenn said...

I tend to like soaks in the bathtub for the diaper rash. And some steriod creme helps. And changing frequently (which I am sure you do).

Yeah, I am with you on potty training. Willow is 2.5+ and she still would rather just sit in her own filth. It will happen when it happens. My daycare provider and I were talking about her total lackof care in this regard, and she brought up a good insight--her potty training (or lack of it) is in her control--and its one of the few things she really does control.

So, I guess we just sit back and wait...I guarantee that they won't be going to kindergarten in diapers (really--my son did not successfully potty train until he was 4!)

alison said...

I don't think I've ever been able to pee alone, as long as B has been mobile. It's not helpful when he flushes for me either. So weird. But not much to be done about it. :)

Don't rush the potty training, she'll be ready for it when she is! :)

Mama Reg said...

potty training questions?? BOOOO!! lol. well, you know how i did it :) i can change diapers all day before i would clean poop and pee off the floor lol.


the only thing that has ever worked for us with serious diaper rash, aquafore. its a little pricey, but a little goes a long way! usually within two days of using it for every diaper change it clears up.

your baby G is SOOO ADORABLE i love to hear all about her and all she is doing and learning! :) :)


Esperanza said...

I love Motherlove's Diaper Rash and Thrush ointment. It's GREAT! Also Weleda's Calendela (sp?) cream. I hope those help!

Rebecca said...

We would put ointment on their bums and then the butt paste. The pedi told me that the ointment would create a barrier to any additional poo while the butt paste would still be able to work. Good time...poop talks.

Potty training? Screw kids are going to college in diapers and sucking on binks!

Shlee said...

Our daughter gets diaper rash ALL the time. Diaper rash cream (desatin or butt cream) seemed to always clear it up. However, when she was 11 months she got a rash that was horrible. Nothing seemed to help or work. It turns out she had a yeast infection. We gave her some monostat cream and it cleared right up. I researched the difference between yeast infections and diaper rashes before and called her pediatrician. A yeast infection is usually raised red versus a diaper rash which is usually just red..

VA Blondie said...

We have had bad diaper rash with in the past few months. We discovered it was a yeast infection. Butt was really red and uncomfortable for our little guy. Antifungal cream cleared it right up. Our ped prescribed some nystatin cream. I later discovered you could also use clotrimazole, which is sold over the counter. Either works fine.

Sarah said...

Dropping in from FNL.

My daughter gets awful diaper rash (like almost bleeding) and yeast infections at the same time. I soak her in the tub, let her dry completely. Then use tea tree oil (a few drops on a cotton pad) mixed with water and wipe her off. It is an anti-fungal and anti-septic. Then I alternate desitin and Lotrimin. Usually the desitin clears the rash up right away, and the next diaper change I do Lotrimin (depending in how bad the YI is it could take awhile).