Sunday, January 16, 2011

Confessions from a toddler mom

I was thinking the other day as I was going about my day that I have eaten many words uttered before/during my pregnancy.
I would like to make a few confessions:
  • I don’t use the word never anymore. Because, well, never say never.
  • I have changed my kids diaper on the living room floor, the couch, a table, a bed, the backseat of my car and on the floor of a public restroom – YOU GUYS, THEREWASNOWHEREELSETOGO!  I then purelled her entire ass, so there. 
  • When she drops an entire bowl of cheerios on the floor? I pick them back up and put them in the bowl. And give it back to her. WHAT? We are on a budget! Every cheerio counts!
  • I sometimes just give her crackers with peanut butter on them for lunch because she won’t eat anything else.
  • I have possible forgotten to feed her dinner before.
  • The next day she ate the whole kitchen’s worth of breakfast foods.
  • When she throws herself on the floor and screams like a banshee over whothehellknowswhat, I usually laugh.
  • I have wished for bedtime to come.
  • Sometimes I bring her into bed with me because I REALLY like snuggles.
  • Sometimes I try to not hear her whining in her bed to get up because I REALLY like my bed.  Then I hear “MOOMYYY. MOOOMMYYYY. MOOOOOOM”, so I go get her.
  • More times than not, we end up in public and she has some kind of dirt/food/mysterious substance on her face. The sunlight really brings that out in her, I guess….
  • We have gone to the store in jammies. In tutus and in mismatched shoes.
  • I let her run down the aisles of Target because she tried to climb out of the cart. I was right there, nothing was broken/stolen/damaged in the processes.
  • Some days, I just sit with her while she plays/talks/runs amuck because it REALLY IS the most important thing I have to do all day.
  • She knows that mommy needs coffee. She may or may not also refer to wine glasses as coffee holders….
  • We have days filled with timeouts and temper tantrums. And non-stop whining.
  • I laugh until I cry. Because she is funny. And adorable. And really you guys, I had NO idea being a mom to a toddler would be this amazing. I pray that everyone who wants it, gets to experience this kind of love/fun/amazingness.
Share your confessions with me! I tried to make this a linky, but am clearly not good at that.



Lora said...

SUCH an awesome list, it totally captures life with a toddler!

Delenn said...

Yep! That is toddler-hood!


I have let my daughter have sweets earlier than I did with my son--just cuz it was a battle I just did not want to deal with.

I hide shoes from her--otherwise she will wear sandals/flip flops in snow...

I hate girly girl stuff--but RIGHT NOW, she is walking around with a tiara and a tutu on.

Danifred said...

Sometimes I ask for cuddles on the couch so that I can get in a 20 minute cat nap.

I let my children wear whatever they want, even if it doesn't match.

And, I have broken almost every rule I said I'd have before I actually had kids.

Esperanza said...

That list is great. I have also changed my daughter on a public bathroom floor because there was no where else to do it (I swear before I had her I saw Kangaroo Kare stations EVERYWHERE but now that I need them they are NOWHERE!) I also love that you may have forgetten to feed her dinner. I will totally do that some day. Thanks for keeping it real!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm.......someone told YOU you would do all that stuff !!!! I guess mom really does know best !!!!!

Sara said...

Oh, I've done many of those! I'm going to have to blog some of my own confessions later. After I get the house cleaned...

Ashish said...


unless and until you give a confession and make

your mind free your life begins to be difficult,

you start losing focus, people really need to

relive themselves from such things. Confessions are

must for healthy human life.

Rebecca said...

I changed one of my children on the counter of a public restroom...covered it in cheap paper towel first, but still. I couldn't find the tray thingy...turns out it was in the handicapped restroom. Who would have thought to look there???

Most things are given back to them after a drop on the floor...and we have a dog...that sheds...a lot. That's gross. If it's wet or sticky, they don't get it back.

There are days that my first thought is naptime.

Anonymous said...

I could SO relate to this post! I've done a lot of these things myself. And there are days where I LIVE FOR NAPTIME. Bur toddlers are so much more fun than I imagined. Even with the tantrums. :)

Anonymous said...

Also changed on a bathroom floor. Though I did have a protective pad. But still EWWW....

Definitely broken lots of pre-baby rules I had!

Kakunaa said...

You know what? I love these posts. Because then I know what is coming ;)

So, it turns out you don't show up in my reader, but I THINK I have fixed that so as not to miss more :)

JenM said...

As long as you weren't the one wearing the tutu and mismatched shoes I think you're good on all of those ;-)

Love this post, by the way.

JJ said...

Oh Lord, I dont know if my confessions would fit in this little box :)

Love reading this list--love our toddlers, but they are a LOT of work :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I can agree with EVERY ONE of those :-)

I've also learned to NEVER say, "My child will NEVER act like that."