Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: back in the game

  • I have missed Danifred’s awesome FNL’s the past few weeks. But I am back. You are welcome.
  • I wish I could bullet point all my posts.
  • Maybe I will.
  • Yesterday we went to a toddler dance party at the library(my kid is the one inappropriately trying to make out with the orange balloon…why did they pick the strangest thing she has ever done to put online?).
  • We had a play date today also. Same friends from yesterday plus Jen & Olivia. (or really, Jen & Olivia plus all of us since we crashed their house!)  It was really fun, but WOW 4 busy toddlers can make a girl tired. (G has been napping for 2 hours and counting).
  • Story time starts on Monday again.  I am really glad, it will give us something to do!
  • We need to get back on a schedule from the holidays.
  • Jewelry business is picking up! Yay! If you want info, let me know.
  • Speaking of jewelry business, I am going to a rally (like a convention?) next weekend, it should be pretty fun.
  • Other business? I hate applying for jobs and NEVER HEARING BACK.  Just tell me I am too awesome to work for you (or that you hate me, whatev) or SOMETHING.  I WANT to work, you wouldn’t think this would be such an ordeal.
  • I like meal planning. I do not like being the only one to eat dinner. 
  • In my email today was information about graduation. This is my last semester of school! Woot! (now, if I could get my ass in gear to get this research finished we would be in business….)
  • It’s snowing again. 



The Tompkins Family said...

I adore meal planning. Well, maybe not adore but it sure beats realizing at 5pm that I haven't taken any meat out and forgot to buy 6 key ingredients to make anything tasty!

Sarah said...

Popping in from FNL.

I really should start meal planning. I'm wishy-washy about it. Sometimes I do, and then other days I'm like "oh, crap! We need to eat something!"

Yay on almost being done with school! And I hear you on the job thing (though I'm not looking right now). At least tell me I'm too awesome, too pretty, too whatever!

Danifred said...

So exciting to almost be done with school. That totally rocks.

I would pay to watch a good toddler dance party. If they dance like Bean, it would be well worth it.

We're finally supposed to get more snow tonight. I can't wait.

Kakunaa said...

I am so bad at memes, and this one is EASY! LOL. Loved the "maybe I will" bullet point. And what is that with no replies??? Grrr.

JJ said...

How are these employers not getting back to you? Um you are super awesome and they dont know what they are missing!!

Send snow here please!

The Captain's Wife said...

What kind of jewelry business do you have? I sold Lia Sophia and was a Unit Manager for 5 years. I gave it up so I could be home more to get pregnant ;)

Rebecca said...

My meal planning has gotten easier...I love it and really really hope I can stick with it.

I thought the video was completely appropriate! Love it! Actually, I love the whole idea of a toddler dance party. May have to host one of those!

Our storytime resumes this week too...can't wait!