Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • FNL brought to us by Danifred is just what the doctor ordered for me today.
  • I fell on the ice this week. Busted my ass and my elbow. They both hurt.
  • Lately, I have been waking up feeling TERRIBLE – like I literally got in a fight in my sleep.  It has been established by my Tweeps that I am too tense when I sleep. Apparently all the stress monsters come out to get me during the night, last night I literally could.not.relax the muscles in my neck – it was so ridiculous.
  • My darling daughter did not sleep well last night either. She woke up all stuffy, in a fine mood, just stuffed. She also didn’t nap. And it is now 6:49pm, and she is in bed. It was a long day, for all of us.
  • I made baked potato soup for dinner. It was yummy. Basically glorified mashed potatoes, which, seriously how could that be bad?
  • Aside from falling on my butt and a few other random stressors, this week wasn’t so bad, Especially considering that I got an adjunct teaching position!
  • As I was driving home today from doing research thinking about all the million things I still have left to do today, I wondered how the hell I thought I was going to accomplish all of these things and work full time.  I also wondered (not in a mean or bitchy way) what do stay at home mom’s who aren’t in graduate school/working on a capstone project/working 2 jobs from home DO all day long?!
  • One of the things on my list, other than start our taxes (hold me…) is to get health insurance for the family. We have the shittiest coverage ever through Mike’s work and we just need to get on a better major medical plan. Any advice out there on this one? I know that the maternity rider’s suck and usually don’t kick in for 9 months – SUCK, but anything else I need to know, good places/people to call? I am pretty knowledgeable about insurance in general, just have never had to go this route and not sure where to start.
  • Why do all the lights burn out at the same time? So annoying.
  • Right now the only thing making nose is the dishwasher, and that totally rocks.



Rebecca said...

Are you wondering what I do all day? too!

I have no clue about the insurance. That sucks, but hopefully you can get it resolved soon. I never trust anyone in those industries.

Maybe the reason you're so stressed in your sleep is all the crap you have piled on your plate. I used to tense my shoulders so bad (and still do most nights) that I needed physical therapy for a while.

Laura said...

Good luck with the insurance thing - so tough. I'm lucky we have good coverage.

I wonder about the days of SAHM too - then in the summer when I sorta am one I wonder how I manage to get everything done. It's crazy how your time fills up no matter what you are doing.

Danifred said...

Our insurance is just getting worse and worse every year. Unfortunately, because I only work part time, we only have one choice.
I can't even begin to remember what I used to do before this doctoral program and juggling a thousand things. If I had free time, I would possibly go crazy.

JJ said...

All your lights burned out at the same time? All our appliances seemed to STOP working this weel *ugh*

Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

Kakunaa said...

The what do they do question is excellent. I shall have to ask my SAHM friends. I imagine a lot of baking, cooking, and general silliness. I don't know, really. I'm a lazy shit, LOL.

p.s. excited to hear what your news is!!! When you feel better, that is.