Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Clean house?

I was doing some internet reading (i.e. blogs and message boards) and I discovered something.

I need a maid.

Or to hire one of the mom’s out there who deep cleans their house on the regular.

You guys, I am going to admit something here.  I hate cleaning almost as much as I hate doing laundry. Although I do laundry about 600x more often than I clean….can’t go around with dirty underwear.  The last time I deep cleaned my house? When we moved into it. In MAY!

Sure, I have mopped the floors since then, but washing walls, baseboards and really scrubbing things down? No. Hasn’t really even crossed my mind, if I am being honest.

My house is pretty much always surface clean. You know, things picked up and in order, counters/toilets/sinks wiped down. I try not to go to bed with the the house cluttered because it puts me in a bad mood when I wake up.

You are pretty much guaranteed to find dust in places, crumbs on the floor and other such nonsense though.  For goodness sakes, today I vacuumed the floors in our bedrooms for the first time in far too long.

I realize that things need to be kept tidy and sometimes beyond just tidy, but WHEN? It seems pointless to clean during naptime and after the little one goes to bed there is usually a list 20 feet long that still needs tackled.  Again, if I am being honest – I would rather sit on my butt eating oreos and/or drinking wine than wash the walls at 9pm. And the thought of washing walls does not ever even enter my mind, literally. Never. Unless I see something spilled on it.

How clean is YOUR house? Do you have a routine – like wash bathroom on Sunday, laundry on Monday? (Monday is my laundry day, no real reason, it just is).

Or are you awesome and have a maid to do all the dirty work like cleaning tile grout, washing windows and polishing silverware?



Esperanza said...

My house is a mess all the time and I never deep clean it. My MIL said she'd pay for a maid to come in (that is how messy it is) and I said yes but we never made the arrangements. I would love someone to come once a month and do the deep clean like you're talking about. I just hate that kind of stuff. I just wrote on my blog that I want to do at least 20 minutes a day of cleaning up, but that is not deep clean stuff, that is general day to day stuff. I did great Sunday but yesterday? Not so much. We'll see how I do today.

alison said...

Deep cleaning? Who has time for that?! I haven't cleaned our baseboards since we moved in... in March of 2007! :)

Delenn said...

I am with Alison here...I haven't deep cleaned in years!

I am one of THOSE--I have a maid come in once a week. And it saved my marriage and helps a great deal with the sanity thing. Of course, the night before she comes, I am running around trying to pre-clean...but it does accomplish the task!

(And, of course, the house is clean for about 2 days--and then someone has spilled something somewhere, etc.)

And laundry--GAH!! I still have THAT to do....ugh.

Sara said...

Pretty much the only time my house is really clean is right before we have people over. So I try to have people over every so often. It doesn't last long though, and I blame it on the kids and the dog! I figure, as long as everyone who lives here is happy and healthy, a little bit of mess is tolerable.

Dayna golden said...

I try to clean bathrooms and vacuum at least once a week and I do laundry almost every day. I am also more surface clean than any thing else. I do try to pick a bigger project to accomplish one day week ( I finished cleaning my pantry this week). I get tired of cleaning the same thing over and over just to have it messy in 5 minutes.

JJ said...

Oh Ive debated getting someone to come help with the cleaning--just once a month for the deep cleaning--having a lab means hair everywhere ALL the time. Feel like I cant keep up.
But Im a neat freak so I feel like Im always cleaning

Mama Reg said...

i used to be more OCD but because of life in general now im not lol. now my "routine" is to see a ring in the toilet or dirt collecting on the sink and to say, "self, the toilet has a ring and there is a layer of filth on the sink sooo clean it" hahaha. or ignore it til i am having company... ya know, whichever :) :)

Rebecca said...

I have a once-a-month service come in and it is beyond compare

Just saying...

In between, I vacuum every day (shitty shedding dog), do laundry every other day, and work on bathrooms whenever I can. I hate to deep clean and am no good at it. Husband is a much better cleaner than I am, but rarely has time to get in there (thank God, it's makes me feel guilty).

Does that make me awesome?

Kakunaa said...

My house is an absolute disaster. I didn't even get the clutter-free gene. There is crap EVERYWHERE. Baby-proofing should be interesting. Dog and cat fur rule the house. Vacuum? Just finally got one. Use it? Ummm, occasionally. In maybe 2 rooms. Wash walls? Are you f'ing kidding me? I barely get the toilet cleaned, LOL. Don't feel too badly.

Anonymous said...

Only since May? Ours hasn't been deep cleaned since we moved in August 2006!
We "clean" every weekend and surface clean/pick up every day, but GAH baseboards and shit? No thank you.
I need a maid too....

Anonymous said...

This is exactly something I would write... Lately, cleanning has been my enemy...literally. I hate it. I hate it with a full passion. I wish too that I had the money to hire someone to come in and deep clean my house as well. I have a mother in law that is amazing at organization, cleaning, etc. She is the Queen Bee of all Suzy Homemakers, no joke and frankly, I'm jealous. I have never been one to want to clean a house, or find motivation to clean a house. Hell I cannot even find motivation to cook dinner half the times. Thank God for a husband that enjoys cooking as much as he does. With two kids (being pregnant with #3), watching a house full of kids, dealing with what life throws at you daily, a husband and a house that is much bigger than my last - I cannot seem to deal with it all. I find myself feeling extremely lost. So if you find that maid and you decide that you love her! Please send me info STAT!! I could always put her to work as well!!

Well said!