Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family AND friends

I am totally lucky.

My best friends (besides my husband) are my twin sister,  my younger sister and my mom. No question about it. I talk to each of them several times a day, see at least one of them every day and I love it.

Do I get frustrated and annoyed with them? DUH!

Do I actually enjoy all the closeness? YUP

Will I be sad to see my twin sister move to Florida soon? DEVESTATED.

I know that this opportunity for her is AMAZING and if it were me, I would be jumping at the chance as well. But I am comforted by a few things.

I know we will still talk everyday, because why would that change? I know that OH to FL flights go on sale and I am always up for a mini-vacay to somewhere sunny. SKYPE!

You guys, how did people do this just a few years ago? How did they even handle being away from their families and only seeing them once every who knows how long? If skype and video chatting did not exist, I would probably forbid her from moving. Seriously, I would.

I know that not everyone is as close to their family as I am to mine. And a lot of people think we are some kind of strange breed of human because of it. But I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I can’t imagine NOT being close to them and I pray that my daughter and future children experience the same closeness with Mike and I as well as each other. 

Friends come and go, but family? That’s the rock. They become an even bigger, stronger rock when family doubles as friends.



renee said...

me=jealous. :-(
will you guys adopt me. I mean, I have been part of the famiy for almost 15 years, so it wouldn't be a big stretch. ;-)

Seriously though, I can't believe Jacqui will be moving!!!

Also, Skype is such a life saver. my cousin is over in korea with her husband (in the military) and their 4 kids. So it's really nice that they are able to skype with family over here.

dayna said...

I have a very close knit family also and I could not imagine it any other way. My mom and I talk at least 2 times a day and I talk to my sister 2-3 times a week. She is my best friend and I think every girl should have a sister, it is indeed a friendship like no other and I would be devastated if she moved also!! Good luck to your sister and your whole family. I am with you on being so thankful for skype, and facebook.

alison said...

My sister, mom, aunt, and I are all super close... the only problem is the 3 of them live 5 minutes apart and 5 hours away from me. We skype Often. At least weekly if not more than that. It definitely bridges the gap!

Rochelle said...

I used to have that closeness with my family and totally loved it. HOwever things have changed DRASTICALLY in our lives and now I must say I do miss all the girl stuff we used to do together but I am doing my best to make sure Mackenzie and I will have the best relationship and WE will have the relationship I always hoped that my mother and I would have.

Danifred said...

You are so right, there will be no reason not to be close. Technology is amazing!!!
(And, just think of all those warm Florida vacations :)

Rebecca said...

I was thinking the same kids wouldn't know their family half as well as they do without skype! I love it!!!

Agreed with get to go to FL and not pay for a hotel! Awesome! (I know it's not the same though)