Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What to write about?

I am having a little bit of writers block today.

I could tell you that I learned I DESPERATLY need to go in for a bra fitting. None of mine fit. I used to love the underthings, now, they are a pain.

I could tell you that it is SNOWING LIKE A BITCH outside, but that won’t make it stop snowing, will it?

I could tell you that I was running errands/doing research this am and when I came home my daughter was being so hilarious! She rocks, for real.

I could tell you that I have a really busy couple weeks coming up, but that’s not really new news.

I WILL tell you that I am frustrated. I have one class this semester (aside from my thesis credits) and I can’t get ahold of ANYONE who can tell me ANYTHING about it. I am registered, but uh, ya, that’s it?  Very frustrating.

I want to  make muffins. Maybe when G wakes up so she can help.

I am trying a new recipe for dinner, should be tasty. And cheesy. Can’t go wrong with cheesy.

I SHOULD upload pictures to shutterfly and update my sites, but that doesn’t seem fun right now.

I have seen a salt truck go down my street twice in the past hour, which is awesome, since we live on a side street. I like that we don’t get snowed in – we feared that might happen when we bought this house.

I’ll tell you that we listen to more music than we watch TV lately. But that isn’t always true. 

I will advise you to try Barefoot Moscato at your earliest opportunity.

I just really have a lot on my mind and that is making me feel really disorganized/disconnected. I don’t like that feeling. 

My baby is TWENTYONE MONTHS OLD TODAY. Holy shit. I can’t call her a baby anymore, she is very much a big girl. Makes me all weepy to think about it. But! We are doing a toddler dance party for her birthday, should be all kinds of fun!



Danifred said...

I am so jealous of all your snow. Seriously.
I've been having lots of those disorganized thoughts days lately.

JJ said...

So the wine was good, huh?

I want some more of your snow!

I need to spend a whole day just bra shopping--its SUCH a process!

Rebecca said...

What is Barefoot Moscato? I could google it, but am way too lazy when I could get an awesome description from you!

I hate snow...there is something wrong with people who want more! :)