Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: I’m going to Summer Camp ed.

  • Because I have never been to summer camp {because I don’t like bugs}, I had to take Calliope up on her offer that doesn’t include bugs. It’s a bloggy summer camp!
  • I’ll normally be blogging camping from here – the corner of the couch where the cute girl is sitting, that’s MY spot. Good thing I am a good share-er.       3.14  (6)
  • I wish I could normally blog from here. Less sandy than the beach, equally good view.9.7  (32)
  • Since we have been in the potty training bootcamp this week, I am ready for something a little more fun than watching my daughter for “cues” on when she has to eliminate her waste and BEING SOOOO.EXCITED EVERY TIME SHE DOES IT WITHOUT PEEING ON THE PRINCESSES
  • She is doing really well, she has her moments, but she’s 2 so I will cut her some slack. For now.
  • We have been working hard on the Just Relax fundraiser for the Knepper family – I can.not believe it is in 3 weeks!! A few tickets are still available and donations are still being accepted – contact me ASAP!
  • Speaking of donations – I am working on a way to get you ALL in on the silent auction action. We have some really fabulous stuff and we wouldn’t have most of it without the amazing people in the internet. Stay tuned, more details soon.
  • I can’t believe it is July. What the heck happened to June?
  • In 12 days I am going away for a week. Without my husband. Or my child. (it’s for a  Premier Designs conference – it will be fun! Want to get a first look at our new jewelry and get your favorite pieces for free? email me!) to DFW. Very excited to meet a good bloggy friend while I am there, but suddenly feeling very apprehensive at leaving my family for so long.
  • If you are visiting from summer camp – say hi! stick around – I’ll make s’mores, or s’mores flavored coffee – whatever your pleasure.
  • Trying to decide if we should take G to see fireworks this weekend. It could go great or be disastrous.


Visit Danifred for more leftovers, maybe she has s’mores too!


Anonymous said...

bloggy summer camp! so cute!

And we are in the throes of PT also.

Anonymous said...

You're too funny! L takes my seat all the time--drives me crazy.

I can make a few tutus for the auction. :)

Kristin said...

Here from summer camp...I'll take you up on some s'more flavored coffee.

Fireworks will be fine if you pick up a set of the foam ear plugs.

Photogrl said...

Oh, potty training...I think I blocked my experience with Miss O. out of my mind. Not looking forward to it with the twins!

How exciting/frightening to go away for a week! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Anonymous said...

No offense but I can't wait for you to go out of town... but just so I can have your child lol
And you need a break from reality too... love ya!

Becky said...

I love the bloggy summer camp. Let me know how potty training goes, we're about to start that with our 2 year old. New follower from FNL.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Going away for a week??? Have fun!

Potty training...awesome and difficult at the same time.

Danifred said...

Going away all alone? I am so jealous. Back in the day I did direct sales and I used to love those conferences! Good times.