Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Relax: Recap


Saturday was the big Just Relax EVENT.

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This event, that started out as a statement about wanting to do SOMETHING for a friend when words just don’t cut it and morphed into a full on EVENT, was more perfect that I could have ever imagined.

The venue was gorgeous once our decoration crew got finished with it.

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The d├ęcor was made and sent to NEO from amazing, creative individuals from across the country and put together by a friend [& decoration crew!] locally.

There was a lot of food [thanks again, Mom!]. A table PACKED with awesome dessert.

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FIVE tables full of items waiting to be won. 7.23  (45)

Reverse raffle action that led to lots of smiling faces.

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Everyone had a great time coming together for a cause like no other.

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Most importantly?

These 2 people had the biggest smiles on their faces all.night.long


We raised upwards of $10,000.00 for the Knepper family – thanks to all of YOU. Your numerous paypal donations, donations for auction items & event necessities, bids on the online auctions and event attendance.

I learned so much about how deep love runs through this whole process – it truly has no boundaries, no limits. When a community comes together in the way that they have for this family – it shows you that people ARE good.

We did this to give hope, to provide smiles, to just relax.

To acknowledge that while we can’t take away the loss and pain of the past, that there is hope for the future.

This whole event is what friendship is all about – providing love, support and strength to whenever a little extra is needed.



*additional photo credit to L. Berger, M. Coumos & T. Schimpf


Anonymous said...

You are so awesome!

Annegirrl said...


Paige said...

This was so wonderful Andrea! It looks like it was a blast and you clearly have a knack for event planning!

Sara said...

You did an amazing thing, Andrea! And it looks like all the hard work you did really paid off, looks like everyone had a great time.

JenM said...

Thank you for the perfect recap of an amazing night. I want to thank everyone too who helped make it a success, and plan to link to this post in my blog since I couldn't have said it more perfectly myself.

I too love that this whole event came out of one simple little conversation about doing more for a friend.

Mrs.T said...

Thank you for organizing an amazing event. I came along as Tami's guest and had such a fun time bidding on prizes (even though I didn't win) and meeting everyone. What a huge success!