Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Camp Ketchup & Stuff

I have totally been a slacker with my Summer Camp posts – but I am going to do a quick & dirty catch-up

Day 13: The best job I ever had was when I was in high school/college – I worked at a group home for DD adults and it was the most rewarding thing I have ever done! And I had awesome coworkers who I am still friends with, BONUS! I am sure I blogged/read blogs at my last job – I really disliked it.

Day 14: I normally dress in a dress during the summer – I am a dress whore. In the fall/spring – jeans and a cute top. Winter – I try not to go anywhere, I hate the cold!  I think bloggers are cooler than everyone else, so that naturally means they dress better!

Day 15: College was a whirlwind – I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 20 months, worked part-time & still had a good time with my friends! I went out with my friends a lot, but I wasn’t really involved in much besides research. [SUPER NERD!]

Day 16: Not a whole lot of my “in real life” friends blog or tweet – isn’t everyone active on facebook?! The one thing that I can say – social media has impacted my friendships in that if they read, which most do, I sometimes feel I have to be careful what I write – or they read WAY into something they don’t know all the details about. That can get annoying sometimes, but in general, it’s not a real issue.

Day 17: I love the weekend!!!! Even though our weekends are usually PACKED I still love them. The weekends are actually when I catch up on blogs because my husband works most weekend nights.

Day 18: I could care less about astrology!

Day 19: He likes PDA more than I do, but we aren’t groping each other in public or anything! He knows I blog – I think the only time he has blogged for me is after we had G!

Day 20 – I really don’t know the kindest thing that has ever been done for me… is that sad? I am sure I would blog about it if I could remember!

Day 21: I am a huge name-phobe, that needs to be a whole separate post! I love my name actually. My blog name? I have been wanting to change it for a while – what do you think? Opinions? Thoughts? Suggestions welcome!!

And HIIIIIII to all the ICLWers!!



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Queenie. . . said...

I'm super behind on Summer Camp, too. But what a great way to catch up!

Danifred said...

I SO wish I liked dresses more. I love seeing them on other people, yet never seem to buy them, or when I do, I don't wear them.