Thursday, June 30, 2011


Do you ever find being responsible, or responsibility in general, to be overrated?

That is how I feel at the moment. I have a lot of decisions to make that require me to be responsible.

Little daily responsibilities like making sure Gianna is offered something other than waffles to eat (knowing damn well she won’t eat anything else) and gets dressed (potty training days not included) properly.

Bigger daily responsibilities like feeding myself something other than coffee, making sure bills are paid, laundry is washed, dishes are put away and the house is not filthy.

Life responsibilities like deciding on health insurance, what car to get, what kind of furniture to buy, making smart financial decisions when the unsmart ones sound so much better.

But it is much more fun to let Gianna eat waffles all day (no arguments!), wear something completely inappropriate (like pj’s and a tinkerbelle outfit to play in the water table) and watch her smile all day. Or to really just drink coffee all day and read a book outside instead of doing the laundry – much more enjoyable day in my opinion.

But my favorite fantasy at the moment? Wishing that someone, even for just one day, would make all of the difficult decisions go away – or at least replace at least one of the equally crappy available options with something a little more acceptable.

Today was a day of waffles, coffee, crazy outfits & outside fun with a splash of ignoring pretty much everything else on my list of things to do/think about/decide on.

I’ll be responsible tomorrow.

{Unless of course you want to responsible for me}



PJ said...

haha! Just noticed your starbucks and babygap comment! Let me know how that works for you? :)

SO much fun not being responsible. I try to spread the love, forcing myself to do one responsible thing each day. However... I'm not sure what that thing was today!

Anonymous said...

I make decisions for a living--and they are definitely not all easy or fun. Then pretty much all home decisions are mine to make as well. There are days where I wish someone else could step in for a bit. It's nice to take a mental vacation. :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I think it's good to take a Responsibility Vacation every now and then. Regroup, renew, and rethink.