Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers!!

  • Thank you to the lovely Danifred for hosting this – it helps me out so much each week! Be sure to visit the other leftover-er’s too!
  • Tomorrow is the BIG **SOLD OUT!!** EVENT!! I am so stoked for what we have been able to do for this family – I hope it puts a huge smile on their faces knowing how many people, from all of the WORLD, care about them are are in their corner.
  • Speaking of – only a few more hours left on the online auctions – I will fight you for that shower head!
  • We cooked the pasta for tomorrow, or I should say my amazing Mom did the bulk of that – she is totally awesome. Pasta for 200, coming right up!
  • Summer camp prompt: I don’t know if I have ONE favorite childhood memory, but 98% of my favorite memories involve my grandparents – one of the best things was going to the local ice cream shop with them and being able to eat as many 25 cent twist ice cream cones as I could! I can’t eat twist ice cream without thinking of that and smiling.
  • 2 year olds are so funny – since potty training ended on a sour note – Gianna has decided to scream NOOOO each time we mention going to the bathroom. It’s stellar.
  • Also, she just cracks me up. The one-liners she unknowingly spits out kill me. Today? She was “sweeping” at my mom’s and told me she had to finish her morning duties! (a’la Cinderella)
  • She also got to hang out with Baby Mia for a little bit today and she is just so funny when she sees a baby – makes the uterus ache, that is for sure!
  • Looking forward to a huge day tomorrow – can’t wait to report back with an event recap and fundraiser totals!



Anonymous said...

Hello from ICLW!! Wow...pasta for 200? That sounds like a really hot kitchen, but oh so worth it from what I can tell. Your daughter sounds to adorable and I love the Cinderella reference.

ICLW #114

kimber said...

It was YOU!!! I wanted that showerhead!!!

Danifred said...

What an amazing fundraiser you are part of. That showerhead was amazing!

Jo said...

Love those one-liners. My two-year-old niece is full of them. It's quite hilarious how adult-like and child-like they can be at the same time, isn't it?