Sunday, July 31, 2011

In the blink of an eye

They go from this adorable, not yet walking, short haired, big blue eyed baby.

jan 23 (7)jan 31 - dixon,knepper,miller playdate (19)

January 2010

To this spunky, adorable, dancing, singing, long haired, big blue eyed toddler.

7.29  (11)7.31  (1)

July 2011

I can hardly believe that’s the same child. MY child. My BAYBEE!

In the blink of an eye I am amazed at the girl who stands before me.



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Danifred said...

I can't believe how quickly time flies by. It really is true, they will grown before we know it. *sigh*

Delenn said...

So true, so true. It goes by so quickly.

JJ said...

They grow tooooo fast!! Shes soooo cute :)

aunt jacqui said...

I love her in all shapes and forms!