Thursday, July 7, 2011

AboutOne: Review and a special treat for YOU

I was recently given an opportunity to check out AboutOne – a secure online family management system started in December 2008 by Joanne Lang.

You can put all kinds of information in one spot that you can access from anywhere – address books, health records, education information, home and vehicle information and so much more.

Here’s a cute video to explain the service:

AboutOne–what’s the deal?

I have a few personal favorite parts about AboutOne – the Babysitter Instructions report - How awesome is this? You enter important information in once, make notes as you go and it’s available anytime you need it. This puts me at ease that I didn’t forget anything when leaving G with someone (especially if we leave her with someone new).

The Home maintenance report is great another area that AboutOne offers – this is a place where you can log any repairs or upgrades you have made to your home with applicable contact information and notes. The vehicle page is also great, since we all know my ridiculously awful luck with vehicles lately. I have been able to record all of the information here along with copies of our insurance policy and other mechanical reports.

You can upload (or email!) copies of all kinds of information right to your AboutOne account – including pictures that you can post to the family bulletin board (so fun!), important documents – like immunization records, education records and any other thing you can possibly think of that you want to keep safe and easily accessible.

You can also find AboutOne on Facebook and Twitter – great sources to learn more about how other people are making AboutOne work in their lives.

The very best part about AboutOne, is how much they like to share!

Sign up for a a free trial and at the end of your trial use AREULISTENING714 [exp 8.31] for 25% off your membership!!

For a busy mom, or busy human in general, this is a priceless tool to stay organized and keep everything that is important together in one always-accessible place.


**AboutOne provided membership to me for review purposes – all opinions are mine, images & video credit of**

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