Sunday, October 17, 2010

A sprinkle of happiness

This has definitely been one of the worst weeks I have had in a VERY long time.  It’s unfair, unexpected, I am sick and just UGH!

But if you have been around long enough to remember my last worst-week-ever, you might know that I am not a “roll-over-and-die” type of person. I try to smile through the pain.

There is ALWAYS a reason for things to happen, and damn it – I am going to figure that reason out and make some fucking margaritas with these lemons.

I have already started 2 part time jobs.

1 involves writing, which, yay!

and the other involves selling Premier Designs Jewelry. 

Hopefully these thing will help pick up some of the financial slack until a great opportunity to use my overly educated brain comes along!

Also as a “hey, sorry you got fired” present to myself – I traded in that stupid phone I got on Thursday for the Droid Incredible. And, it’s incredible. And it makes me happy and helloooogooglecalendar,iloveyousososomuch. (um, and I can probably use it as a write-off now, bonus!)

And, if I am looking at the silver lining here – there is a lot to be excited about - I can focus more on school, on my research and most importantly on my daughter & husband.

It is going to be a TOUGH transition for me, but I’m putting on my biggest smile, drinking these margaritas and making the best of it.

Because, why be miserable?

I have AMAZING people that support me, that love me, that need me and no body likes a Debbie Downer.



twin b said...

only if everyone could have a sister like me?? well at least a few people in the world were blessed! ;)

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

sissy said...


Danifred said...

Raising my margarita and toasting with you!
Cheers my friend, on to bigger and better.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are working out for you. I'm a little sad that you hate the samsung reality because that is the phone I really really want... at least you don't have the stupid long ago forgotten about chocolate! oh yes, i have the chocolate... no one has that phone anymore. It does absolutely NOTHING lol... But I cannot afford to pay over a $100/month in phone bills... so I stick with what I can get. Yuck!