Sunday, October 10, 2010

Parrot Baby

Have I mentioned how much Gianna talks?


Well it’s a lot.  She is always saying something, whether it is real words or Gianna-ease. 

She has also picked up this new little skill.


Repeating every.single.thing that anyone says.

It’s adorable.

Except when she says things you do not want her repeating, like shit, damn, gay, SHOOOOT, quiiiiit etc.  I am fairly certain she said fuck the other day too.

We have to watch EVERY thing that comes out of our mouths or else some little person will say it at the top of her lungs in the middle of Target.

She has also taken to calling us Mike and Andi instead of Daddy and Mommy, since you know, we don’t refer to each other as mommy and daddy.  She’ll say Mike-Daddy. Daddy – Mike. 

I think spelling of words is in our near future.

But for now, at least she is a cute little parrot.

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Aunt Jacqui (of course ;) said...

For the record, I LOVE that Gianna is a parrot! I take full advantage of getting her to say anything and everything! It is soo funny! I just do it when mommy isn't around!

raisingmiles said...

HAHAHA! Miles is the same way. The other day he dropped his truck and I swear he said, "Oh Shit."
So now anytime I do something that requires an oh shit, I make it a point to say OH NO!
I swear I heard son of a bitch the other day too....

Danifred said...

I will never forget the first time Tot said "jackass" in the car while we were driving... she even used it in context. You don't want to laugh, but, it's so funny.

JenM said...

How funny! I swear, we need to get Gianna and Maggie together sometime and just let them talk it out. Chatterboxes! I am always amazed that G is the same age as my two, she looks so much older! Stinking adorable photo, as always.

The Sourwine's said...

Omg I just love that picture of her! She is absolutely beautiful!! I mean just plain gorgeous!! And the parrot thing is definitely normal for that stage in life - we're going through it now with Asher and he just loves to say Shoot all the time! LOL... gotta love them though! It's funny... Keep up the great work momma!! She's gorgeous!