Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hats–Gianna Style

Gianna wanted to show you all her “hats” too (although, there are no pictures of her wearing a hat…)

Hat #1 – Fashionista

10.15  (3)

Who DOESN’T wear their mom’s “hoween” socks over their pants? Purple and Orange go together? No?

Hat #2 – Professional Model

10.17  (2)

She does this every time you ask her to say “cheese”.

Hat #3 – Artist extraordinaire

October 20101

She wants to color everyday. All day. She is also perfecting the art of high fives and big smiles.

October 20102

She has taken up painting as a new medium. She liked wearing the “shirt dress” more than she actually liked the paint.

Hat #4 – Tiny Dancer

October 20103

This girl has moves. But her favorite place to dance? On the bathroom counter after the ever popular “tubby time”.  Check out her deep concentration and skillful moves.  She is counting down the days until she can go to dance class.



Kakunaa said...

You take great photos :) She is such a cutie. I love your photo updates!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, she is just goregeous!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her "style" too, haha... very cute && chic!! She is just so pretty, she makes my heart ache for another baby girl so bad! LOL Beautiful pictures hun!!

Danifred said...

Seriously, she is so stinkin' cute! Love that she was sportin' your socks.