Monday, October 11, 2010

A letter to my daughter: a very merry unbirthday

Gianna -

18  months you have been on this earth.

I can say, without question, they have been the hardest, most rewarding 18 months of my life.

You have gone from a completely dependant infant to a toddler who thinks she is completely independent.  You have managed to wrap a lot of special people around those pretty little fingers and it is incredible the amount of love you are surrounded by.

8.8  (29)see, they are all watching you!! 

Everyday I wake up and I can’t wait to hear you say “morn-eng mommy”.  I can’t wait to see what you learn or hear what you have to say during the day and I desperately wish that I could spend every day with you.  Every night you say “wubz you, night night” before bed complete with an extra long squeeze.

8.14  (11)

Constantly, I am amazed by you.  Because you are smart and you catch on quickly and pick up on all the things I want you too (and some that I don’t).  You talk to me, you communicate your wants, needs and frustrations (sometimes not very efficiently, but you try).  You say cheese for the camera, love to wear your shoes and have your hair done. Reading is one of your favorite things to do and I hope that you always find enjoyment in it.

9.19  (6)

You love your baby doll, taking very good care of her and giving her lots of squeezes and smooches, which I hope is because I give YOU lots of squeezes and smooches.  You need your lovie to feel safe.  You could spend all day playing outside. Or dance-danceing in your tutu’s.  It’s easy to get you to smile and tickling your belly is sure to get you to laugh.  And that laugh. Fills my heart with more happiness than I can explain.  It’s infectious.  You are hilarious and know how to make people laugh.  You are happy almost all the time and make it very obvious when you are not.

9.10  (57)

I look at those blue eyes and want you to always know how much you are loved. How special you are. I want you to keep your sense of determination and adventure.  I want you to know that you can always come to me for anything – a snuggle, a squeeze, a new pair of shoes, a listening ear, whatever your heart desires I will do all that I can to give it to you or better yet, help you to earn it yourself.

10.10  (133)

The past 18 months have been incredible because of you.  You are absolutely the most incredible gift I have ever been given.  A gift that keeps on giving, because I can’t believe how much better life is with you every single day.

Love you little bug,



Tiffanie said...

What a sweet post!

Danifred said...

Lovely post! I wish our girls could meet and play (and terrorize us together)