Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday: old school style

JJ sometimes posts a thoughtful Tuesday post where we can all share something that fits one of the following

a) thankful for, b) something I witnessed that was an act of kindness, or c) something I did to "pay it forward"

and while I don’t think she did one today – I have something to share!

I work downtown.

It’s a very…colorful… place to work, since there is always some kind of crazy randomness going on.  Sometimes you see cars like this one parked outside:


Or sometimes you see someone peeing on the side of a building or driving the wrong way down a one way street. Totally normal.

Today on my way home I saw 3 police cars and several officers detaining a women on the side of the road. Nice.

As I got closer to home I saw a white car that had obviously suffered some kind of mechanical issue attempting to be pushed out of hte busy road into a gas station parking lot, clearly backing traffic up. 

As I looked to my left, it looked like someone was about to jump out of their truck. And they were. This truck got in front of me, parked really fast, the 2 men in it got out, pushed the white car to safety and went about their business. 

I can’t help to be impressed with their random act of kindness.  It’s far too rare that we witness things like this, and I am thankful those guys were there to help.

Well played gentleman in the “oo skool”* Chevy.



*that was the license plate. for realz.


Danifred said...

Love stories like that, it is so refreshing to not only see, but hear.

JJ said...

This is awesome--I love hearing about acts of kindness. Thanks for sharing!

I did post the link--I was just late today--whoops! Please be sure to add your post to the link on my post so others can read this :)