Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • As always – visit Danifred to join in. And give her a big squeeze to pass along to her sick little Bean.
  • I started my photo wall that I have been obsessing with and I need to finish it.  I need to order 3 more 5x7’s, an 8x10 and a few 4x6’s. I think.
  • My husband tried to help me use up some of the apples we got last weekend. He is not a good baker. considering he left the sugar out of the muffins. Holy nastiness. But. He did make them the next day, but something is still off in that recipe.
  • Speaking of apples, I seriously can not believe how awesome Gianna (and Zach) were at the orchard. They both totally LOVED it. I have tons of pictures that need uploaded.
  • Our schedules have been totally crazy lately – I miss the days of doing nothing. But that won’t happen until the 1st of never….
  • Speaking of nothing. Tomorrow night I will be home. ALONE. No husband (working).  No baby (sleepover @ Gaama’s). Just me. My DVR. and a box of wine. I just realized this and I am excited. Maybe I’ll get really wild and crazy and workout. Or do the laundry.  But probably not.
  • Also on this weekend’s agenda is a trip to a pumpkin patch with Renee, one of my best friends from high school, and her family. Which I am really excited about, since it has been THREE YEARS or longer since I have seen them.
  • Still kind of broken hearted over some things going on that I can’t control or even really be there to help with. 
  • I get really freaking annoyed when people don’t return my emails. Especially when I know they have a blackberry.
  • Job hunting is stressing me the hell out. I am somewhere in the qualification gray area – over qualified for some things, under qualified for others. I have been thinking about this a lot and really I am at a loss of what to do next to get this show on the road so I can show off my smarts and get the hell out of dodge. err. my current place of employment*.  Any HR/recruiter blog readers want to help a sister out?
  • But I get to wear jeans today. And we had a pot-luck. So that’s a bonus.


*Lest you think I am a greedy bitch (and you still may) I am totally thankful to BE employed, but the stress I take home and the frustration I have means it is time to move onward and upward. STAT. And the whole masters degree + HUGE student loans does not equal my current position or pay grade.


Kakunaa said...

Photo wall!! Yay!! I want to do more photos, too :) Happy Friday :)

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Enjoy your night with the DVR and box of wine! :-)

Danifred said...

I cannot even remember the last time I was alone in my house. I don't know what I would even do with myself when that happened.
Can't wait to see all your pics from the pumpkin patch with Renee!

Rebecca said...

Box o wine!!! Have you ever tried the Little Black Box (or something like that)? It's not bad!

Good luck on the job thing...what if you somehow made what you can do more certified in a different way? I have no freaking clue what you do, but that's what I might do so that it's very specific rather than totally broad.

The Tompkins Family said...

Hope the pumpkin patch is fun! We keep meaning to go and now it's not going to be this weekend. I'm scared that by next weekend it'll be snowing or something!