Saturday, May 30, 2009

so this is love

date night was fabulous.

I got all dressed up, wore heals, did my hair - I even painted my toenails!!

We went and had a great dinner and drinks, followed by more drinks on the patio of a local bar.

I only checked on the baby once, but we did make it sort of an earlier night than originally anticipated b/c of a storm and being too cheap to pay for a movie!

But you know what - we had a great time. For me, it's not about the doing, it's about the being.
"What are you talking about Andrea?"
Let me explain - we see each other everyday (even if it's just in bed) but we are usually too preoccupied working, playing with the baby, feeding the baby, trying to keep the baby from crying, working, cleaning, OK you get the point, to just be together. We can sit on the same couch, watching the same show, and still not really"be" together. Yes - we have great communication for the most part - but when you just want to unwind and relax - deep conversation about what went wrong today/hopes/dreams etc - is not usually in the agenda.

So yesterday, it was wonderful to just be with him. We talked about all kinds of things that we have been putting on the back burner. We just stared at each other, we kissed, we held hands - it was pretty fun. We could have taken the baby to my mom's and just come home to be alone and I would have been happy.

Love is about being - not about grand gestures, expensive dinner or presents - just about two people who have nothing but the deepest passion towards one another. When that passion comes out, it's magic.


renee said...

agreed! it's the reason i love that song "when you say nothing at all" (i think that's what its called). it's so true. sometimes our deepest most connected moments arent when we are really doing anything. mostly, i think b/c we arent trying so hard. we are just being ourselves. that is, after all, the reason we are together, right? i am soooo glad you got to have a date night. and esp. one that was so great!

Mel said...

awww.... so glad it was so good for y'all. life really gets in the way of love sometimes, it's nice to be able to take a night off from it all and just be together.

alicia said...

ohh that sounds soo awesome! I wish I could do that with Keith, but pumping is kinda hurting and I am not getting much out :( so tied to the baby I remain!

Tricia said...

I am so glad you got a chance to go out together and enjoy each other! It's times like that when you remember why you love your husband so much!