Friday, May 8, 2009

my husband rocks

Since I got pregnant Mike has been nervous about the delivery. Like nervous he was going to pass out, throw up or both.
We got our instructions of how things were gonna go down.....


Mike stayed up with me at first. My mom and twin sister took the legs. They did a terrific job.

Eventually my mom had to pee and Mike took her place. He was awesome. He stayed in one piece. And upright. He encouraged me in a way that I didn't expect but appreciated in a million ways. They were all awesome - coaching me to the finish line. Telling me about her hair. I kept thinking - I KNEW IT! And it made me push harder so I could SEE it! I honestly don't remember much of how things happened - they just did. I used the mirror for one push - but I really didn't need to see ALL of that.... And then before I knew it and 2 hours later - "ONE MORE PUSH". I cried. again.

Oh ya - and suddenly - transformer bed. doctors and nurses everywhere. and BABY!!!

More crying. From everyone. Mike cut the cord. I just stared at this brand new baby girl laying on my chest - amazed. totally amazed. and wondering how in god's name SHE came out of ME! Oh ya, and I thought she was pretty cute too.

It was a surreal experience and I look forward to doing it a few more times. just not anytime soon.

OH - remember all those people that were there before? Almost all of them stayed. all night. and got to meet her shortly after she was born. We have some pretty supportive friends and family.

And then I got to have breakfast!!


Mel said...

That is awesome he did so great... what a sweet story! You guys are so cute. ;) I was totally amazed at mine, too, when L was born! He ever looked over the sheet during the c-section to see her being born without freaking out at all. Since I couldn't see, the look on his face will forever remain in my memory... it was wonderful!

alicia said...

yay! i am so glad you had such good support people around!!!! it is soo helpful hey!?

by the way can't believe you have already said can't wait to do it again!!! the trauma is still to fresh in my mind, at this point I am still at the NEVER again stage! haha