Tuesday, May 12, 2009


totally in shock that my little girl is one month old! like. woah!
it's been a pretty crazy month. we are still getting to know each other though. But there are a few things we have figured out:
  • she is her dad's twin. just a lot girlier and cuter ;)
  • she still doesn't like her swing, but she got a new bouncer seat that she likes slightly better.
  • she weights 9lb 14oz! WOAH!
  • she's 22" long - no she isn't shrinking. she was measured wrong @ birth.
  • apparently naps are for wimps b/c they don't happen in this house.
  • reflux. likely the reason for the screaming. hoping the plan from today's appt works.
  • her eyes. they work! she is tracking things and looking at things now!
  • her parents, she loves them!
  • she picks out really good mother's day gifts...... ;)

time flies......


Anonymous said...

You think time flys now --- wait til your first born(s) are almost 24! Seems like yesterday I was rocking you two!

renee said...

i agree with your momma! when they are babies (screaming/middle of the night feedings/poopy diapers every 3 hrs....) and its so hard, it seems like they will be in that phase forever. but you turn around and they are off to preschool!

alicia said...

wow a month old! so crazy :) she is sooo cute though, and glad you found out the problem with her screaming!

Aunt Jacqui said...

I knew she was looking at aunt Jacqui when I talked to her!! oh and she loves her aunts!! Tell her I love her and I will see her soon!