Friday, May 15, 2009

where's the light???

i realize that today is friday. most of the time I would be very excited. Not so much today....

reason #1:
we thought we had a potential solution to our little girl's screaming/reflux. definatly no. it is, in fact, worse today than it was on tuesday. Awesome. We are trying a new formula at her next feeding and then for the rest of the weekend. I am not hopeful about this, but it is worth a try I suppose.

reason #2:
just b/c it's the weekend doesn't mean we aren't working... or at least the hubs. I realize that being a DJ means you work on the weekends, and normally, I am totally cool with that. However, after spending the past 23432 hours with a very angry baby and no husband, doing it for the next 48 doesn't seem so fun.
And, quite frankly, I miss the heck out of him.*

reason #3:
my inlaws are coming over tonite.
i am in no mood for company.** especially company who gets a fidgety around my poor crying baby and thinks that just talking to her will make her calm down. not to mention, i HATE "baby talk". [I just had a long conversation with my sister about this.... and how she should NOT talk to my kid like she talks to her dogs!]

BUT there is at least TWO reasons to be excited it's the weekend.....2 big fat lights at the ends of some really special peoples' tunnels......

#1: My mom's house finally sold. and I think (HOPE!) they are going to by the big one with the POOL!! we really like the pool..... and the hottub too....

#2: 2 of my very best friends ever are graduating this weekend. from medical school. they are going to be DOCTORS in less than 24 hours!! I am so stinking proud of them! (and the rest of the people I know graduating tomorrow too!)

* and this will only get worse since... more on that later
**in fact, i am in no mood to shop. so you know i must be cranky.


Amy said...

Sorry you're having a rough time. I hope things start to get better. And I have to completely agree with you on the baby talk. I hate it. I cringe every time I hear someone using it.

renee said...

ahh yes. the in-laws......

and baby talk...barf!

good luck on the reflux front. i would def. push for the zantac. i know dif. things for dif. babies. but it really did help jack with the 24hr screaming. good luck.

Mel said...

Poor baby! Did you get a prescription for anything for her yet? Screaming babies make the layer of skin underneath my exterior layer of skin hurt. Seriously. I cannot stand it. I hope she feels better.
I don't do baby talk, it makes me want to hit people that do. I will put inflections in my voice towards L because I know they like that, but otherwise I talk to her like she's just another person.
Sucks about your husband. :(

Anonymous said...

Hope the weekend gets better. Have you tried a reflux wedge to strap her into whilst she sleeps? It really does wonders, and seems to do better than elevating the head of the crib.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the best one is the Tucker Reflux Wedge- it looks absurd but babies really do improve on them!

Tricia said...

Sorry you aren't having a great time right now. I know things will get better! Keep your head up!

Mama Reg said...

i dont like baby talk either!! :) maybe im weird, but ive always thought of gabe as a person and have always talked to him like one! lol.

and i understand the working weekends thing...mike works at starbucks and it is SO not 9-5 mon through fri. i understand the late sat nights and wondering "where the F is my husband?! i miss him and i need some help with our child!" lol.

hope things get better...i hope gianna does better with the new formula, im praying for you guys!